Are the demons harassing you?

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  • tetrapod.sapien

    LOL, what a funny thread. you know, it's not just the WTS society that are morons about this.

    i find it humorous that the demons bug people, but even when i pray to satan and the demons of the pit, not a single incantation brings me anything. anything. not a single demon. no moving objects or aparitions. no incubus, no sucubus. just plain old nothing.


  • aquagirl

    t.s.are you praying whilst facing north?i always get answers from big S himself if'n i pray facing north...It helps to listen to ozzie while praying....

  • tetrapod.sapien

    lol aqua,

    i have tried all that i can find online. yes, north was one.

    but i am serious. this is a real hobby for me. if you have something that works, i would sincerely love a PM with how to do it. thanks.


  • DavidChristopher

    TS, I think Satan got a new job. He was getting bored with the old one.

  • DavidChristopher

    But I hear some of his followers are still around at the WTS. I think they have a phone number too...

  • blondie

    I shun the demons in my life now: my JW family and the elders. I accept no phone calls, no home visits, no correspondence.

    As to this:

    It is imperative for such ones to get rid of all objects related to spiritism. This includes books, magazines, movies, material from electronic sources, music recordings that have spiritistic overtones, as well as amulets or other items worn for 'protection' or linked to spiritistice practices.

    And many more Disney magic based many do you think will make the trash in JW households?



    I have never been harassed by demons. I have, however, seen and heard a couple of things that I can't explain and I can't forget. Of course, it never happens around anyone so that you can prove anything. So there will always be those who have never had contact with something unexplainable and those that believe there is something else out there because they have seen it. This controversy will continue for a long time I'm afraid.....

    TS--I know of a couple of people who said they wished they had never opened the has caused a lot of anquish in their lives. Don't ask me how to open or close it...I don't know.

    When I was visiting Sedona Az, there were a ton of "old hippies" that hang out in the desert there. They claim to contact something when they go walking around in the desert for days. It was kind of weird to talk to a few of them...had some strange tales to tell!!! It's a popular spot apparently for getting in touch with "spirits." Any one from Arizona care to comment???


  • aquagirl

    swalker,im guessing that peyote grows in that area of arizona...

  • Hellrider


    ***Watch the TV-series "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel. Great show. My agnosticism was approaching atheism until I started watching that I`m back to the..."there might be things we can`t see/know about"-state.***

    You must be gullible in the extreme! It must be true, it was on TV. :-)

    Lol, no, I don`t consider myself gullible. Have you watched the show? It`s reenactments of the experiences of people who have lived in houses that were haunted. I`m not stupid, I know that it can be other things, like mass hypnosis and things like that, but I don`t doubt that these people actually believe that the things happened to them. I saw some things too, when I was a kid, in one house we lived in, but that can of course be the imagination of a child, but: I don`t doubt for a second in what I saw. Whether it was just images in my mind, that seemed real, or whether these things were actually there, I don`t know. But I don`t doubt the experience.

    Tetrapod: I have never seen anything like that either, as an adult, but I have a theory as to why (ok, I came up with this when I was in my late teens and on my way out, it`s very JW-influenced thinking, but anyway): If you want to be visited by demons, why should they? If they visited you, an atheist, then what would happen? Perhaps you would become religious again? Of course, if the demons showed themselves, then you would automaticall think "hm...ok, the bad-guys exist...then the good-guys have to be there too"...don`t you think? So, if demons exist, then surely wouldn`t want you to become a christian, would they? And the best way to keep you from that, would be to never let you see that they exist.

    That is, if they exist. I have no clue, just rambling.

  • just2sheep


    for a short time we pastured in a house that totally appeared to have a demonic personality. but it would be impossible to convince anyone of the reality of this. i guess it could have been the drugs or it could have been because the sheep were not getting along or it could have been any of a thousand things. but, the sheep know it was demons.

    getting rid of "demonized" objects brought in? that attitude would pop up around here occassionally, until one sheep pointed out to the other sheep, that if you wanted to see statues to different gods all you had to do was look in the publications. one of us has always had a thing about crosses, even pre-jw, i was able to find a watchtower with 5 crosses on the cover page. why would any one think that it is reasonable that a painting with 5 crosses is demonized but a magazine with 5 crosses on the cover couldn't possibly be, because it is provided by the watchtower bible and tract society.

    because of our life experiences we believe there are spirits, called demons, and they can have negative physical, mental, and spiritual effects on us if not on others. what they are exactly we don't know, but we also don't know what a proton or neutron is. in fact you could fill a very large space with the knowledge we don't possess

    you believe there is one god, do you? you are doing quite well. and yet the demons believe and shudder. jas 2:19

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