I love my life!!!

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  • Brigid


    What kind of church did you find? Do you do charity work? It reminded me of another thing I love about my life. My charity work. I am a member of a pretty powerful "charitable" organization. They help women and children at the communal level (although sometimes on the national and international as well but the emphasis is helping locally). They even sent me (all expenses paid) to New Jersey last Fall to learn how to lobby at state and local government level on behalf of our service population.

    So, in the organization:

    Shut-in, shy recluse.

    No charity other than selling people religious magazines.

    Miserable marriage.




    Highly involved in charity and making the world a better place.


    Healthy (spent my 20's in the organization, depressed and overweight!) Now, at 36, I have a great body and mental attitude (little yoga, lots of bellydancing, and meditation).

    In a word: Happy


  • Gretchen956

    (((((((Brigid))))))) Thanks for sharing this. I had a hard weekend, there was so much negative energy, seems like so many of my loved ones are having really hard times right now and are depressed and seem beaten down. I tend to take that on afterwards, I feel so bad for them. Its wonderful to hear this wonderful story. Life is a circle, it always comes back around!!



  • Brigid


    Thanks! I always value your posts. Yea, a lot of people seem to be having inordinately bad times. With the coming of Spring, may we all be renewed by Her.



  • mrsjones5

    It's a non-denominational church but they are so active in charity and missionary work (we always have something going on) but they don't make anyone feel guilty if that is not how you want to serve. serving could be taking care of the little ones during the sermons, greeting people before the sermon starts, volunteering your time at the office in the church, the list goes on. today one of the ladies and I were talking about starting up a shawl ministry, knitting or crocheting - something I love to do.

    I love it!


  • misspeaches

    Brigid what an uplifting post. I love my life too. I left the witnesses and no longer feel alone. I have a promising career. I live in a nice house. I have people that love me. Friends in abundance. I am excited about my future. No longer do I live each day being weighed down with guilt or feelings of inadequacy.

  • AlmostAtheist
    that is WONDERFUL! great post ! we need more like this.

    Agreed! Thanks for sharing your post-JW success story!


  • jojochan

    ((((Brigid)))) YYYYAAAYYYY!

    I'm glad you had a good weekend, here's to many more! And thanks for the kind words. They helped.


  • greendawn

    A very charming post. The world is what you make of it, as they say it takes all sorts of people to make the world, they range from saintly persons who are way above the average dub to ruthless criminals, with most ppl being reasonably decent fellas. So you build up with the good materials that you shrewdly choose.

  • Honesty

    I know how you feel.

    The first real friends I have are those I met after escaping from the Watchtower Lie. I have a relationship with God now that I never could as a JW because the Watchtower denies access to Him. I have friends who don't criticise or judge me when I am goofy or disconnected. I have friends who laugh with me instead of at me. No wonder the elders warn the local congregations that I am an evil apostate to be avoided at all costs.

    Bob Evans

    Walland, TN.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    That is so great!

    Sounds to me like we've found our aposta-poster-babe!

    Best wishes and continued success to you!

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