I love my life!!!

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  • Brigid

    I just had an amazing, albeit fairly typical weekend. I wanted to share with you guys and most especially any who are lurking or worried that life in "the world" leads only to crack addiction, AIDS, Satan worship, etc.

    Friday: I had a fabulous evening out to a very nice, funky little Italian restaurant with my 10 of my friends. They'd gathered to celebrate my birthday early. We had awesome wine, great food, talked politics, great literature and philosophy. They all brought me presents and showered me with love.

    Saturday: I went to my best friend's house. She's been feeling a little down lately over various things. Well....enter me. I brought stuff to make dinner and margaritas. After dinner we decided to go karaoking. She has a spectacular voice! Soon, she was dancing and singing, having a great time! She thanked me for being such a good friend.

    Sunday: Work--but the good, satisfying kind. I have 2 great clients that I'm working with to sell and buy homes (I'm pretty well-compensated, so I'm able to stay at home during the week with my son and pick up my daughter from school). In the evening, I worked on illustrations for a childrens book I've been commissioned for. Then I read. I'm able to read anything now and it's great! Currently I'm reading "The Power of Myth" from the Joseph Campbell series--love him!

    I have never used drugs. I have never stole. I have great relationships (except with my still JW family). I have people over to my house, I am invited to others' homes frequently. I am happy.

    I have a nice house (when I was a JW, I lived in a trailer--NOT knocking mobile homes--they're great, if you choose them! They can be awesome when paired with land) it's just now, I have choices! I live in the suburbs of Denver. I can look out my west facing window and see some of the most beautiful scenery EVER (snow-capped mountains looming larger than life). I love my job(s).

    I love my friends. I love you guys so much!! I love coming here and being able to talk about anything.

    Just thought I'd share thought for the day: Life is waiting and waiting in abundance for you.


  • candidlynuts

    that is WONDERFUL! great post ! we need more like this.

    my jw family tries to make me feel guilty for having " worldly" friends..

    but for the first time in my LIFE i have FRIENDS..something that i never had as a jw..

    it is wonderful isnt it?

    (and i too do not use drugs, am not wild, heck i think theres a halo above my head my life is so boring at times)

  • daystar
  • Brigid

    Aaah, you've returned to me~(another reason why I love this board!). hehehe

    I just wanted to let people know that life out here is what you make it. Not drug infestations and demons around every corner.


  • Brigid

    Candidlynuts (LOVE that name!)

    <<but for the first time in my LIFE i have FRIENDS..something that i never had as a jw>>

    Me too! I just don't think I was ever meant to stay a witness. I was invisible to them (and liked it that way) and they bored me. It was a coffin that I was born into meant for me to break out of. I was a total recluse as a witness: Shy, afraid of my own shadow (would not even call to order pizza, or ask for ketchup at a restaurant). Now I'm really outgoing: The real me.



  • insearchoftruth

    Great to hear news like this Bridgid, see its true, good things happen to good people! Keep it up, you are wonderful!

  • mrsjones5

    I said the same thing to my husband last night. We moved away from negativity (close to my parents) to a place that was more positive. My parents want me to move back closer to them and are convinced that I want to also no matter how much I deny it or tell them how much I love it here. I have friends! I finally have friends who will come to my aid if I need them, who will call me and talk to me about nothing and everything, who will pray for me, who really like me for who I am. I have friends and a house and my kids in good schools and a nice little house and a good husband and a wonderful church. I'm not willing to give that up to go back to the negativity of the bOrg. Not a chance in hell.


  • daystar
    I just wanted to let people know that life out here is what you make it.

    This is really, very true! If you assume the worst about people, life, etc., they will seem to possess the very characteristics which you imagine them to have. If you assume the best, and set your attitude and behavior accordingly, you will find the opposite to be more true.

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Good for you Brigid! Glad you're enjoying life.
    tall penguin

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    My son just mentioned to me this weekend how much fun he is having with his" new friends". He said when he left them for the night, they all gave him a big hug .They were concerned , he had a long drive home , several told him to call when he got home so they would know he was okay. This meant alot to him.... he said he never felt like that with his witness friends. No one had ever shown such genuine kindness. Getting a glimpse that there is real life on the outside.

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