I love my life!!!

by Brigid 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Carmel


    Wonderful post! I too have been blessed since leaving the control of the JWs. This weekend my wife and I had a wonderful couple over for diner. They are both secular humanists, are very active in local activities and are a delightful couple. Although we have different explanations for the world around us, we share much in what we would like the world to become. It has become a strong friendship and one I look forward to exploring in the future. Do you think it would ever be possible for any fundy Christian or JW to have such a friendship or wonderful mind-expanding experiance? Not likely!

    you see the mountains, I see the bay with its gill net boats out fishing, the storms that lash out across the waters of the lower Columbia River and the fantastic ever-changing sky of the coast.

    life is good


  • obiwan

    Life can begin again in your thirties...Ain't it great?!

  • Brigid

    ((((Jojochon)))) back atchya! Hope this day finds you feeling more like yourSelf.

    It's so great that this has brought out so many great experiences that we've all had since leaving. I definitely relate to your post, Carmel (I'm jealous of the Bay--you have mountains AND beach!!!) Colorado can't beat that. But, yes, it's so unbelievably refreshing to connect with people of different perspectives and find common ground or not, but still walk away englightened in someway.

    Like being here. Different souls, different minds, different experiences, different conclusions afterwards, but one common thread.


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