My Brother Counsels My Mother About Her Sister & Me

by minimus 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gretchen956

    Go mom! What a bunch of maroons. Don't associate with the one that takes care of you and then don't ask me to do it. Your brother seems to be showing the typical (in my experience) brand of JW love. It pretty much stops when someone gets old or infirm or misses a few meetings.

    What a fine "witness."


  • blondie

    min, I'm glad that my days of looking after my mother are over. I was the family caretaker for 40 years and finally handed over the responsibility to the ones that kept telling me that I wasn't doing it right.

    I can bet that your aunt has been "counseling" your mother for years.

    I can also bet that your brother has done little to help your mother but offer empty words.

    And all this while all of your were "good" JWs.

    Are you surprised by your brother's behavior? I bet he has acted like this in other situations. Your mother is better off having 2 people who "really" care about here in charge of her medical decisions.

    Love, Blondie (seen it all)

  • loosie

    You're doing the right thing Min, by taking care of your mom. And she is doing the right thing by loving you.

  • hubert

    Minimus, Three cheers for your Mom !!!

    Your a good guy, and your Mom knows it.

    Don't know what else to tell ya, but hang in there and stay close to your Mom.


  • sammielee24

    Your mom sounds lovely and you are a good son. It's a shame this sort of stuff has to happen at this age and to sisters who obviously care about each other but who now have to whisper their 'I miss you's' secretly. Your brother - well - what can I say? This story breaks my heart when I recall the same sort of thing happening to my mother. She was extremely close to her sister and from time to time they would have a spat over something stupid and then days might follow when they wouldn't speak to one another. They would go from calling each other on the phone a few times a day to flat out nothing over some trivial matter until the last time they had a spat and neither would pick up the phone and call the other. Within a week my aunt had a massive stroke and from that point on she was paralyzed and unable to speak. She died slowly, painfully aware of what was going on around her but unable to communicate and in the end, she held on until my mom was able to get to her bedside. Only then did she take her last breath....your story just brought back that memory..we werent' JW's though - they were just silly women fighting over silly issues. sammieswife.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Hi, little M&M...

    Your mom sounds like one smart character. She's lucky to have such a great son, too! Even tho I normally prefer the peanut M&M's.

    I'm speechless though at how her family is treating her... they should be very ashamed...that is...if they knew what love really was.


  • outnfree

    Sorry, Min, I just can't BELIEVE how lame your brother is!!!! But HOORAY for your Mom and you! You two seem to have your heads screwed on straight and to understand what it means to be family.

  • mjarka911

    Minimus Your aunt and brother represent the witness legalize that has become the core of what they call "faith". It's not enough that they don't talk to you.....but they won't rest until all family ties are broken. The sad truth, is no matter what you believe about life after this one, at 80 the rest of your mom's days are truly precious. To cause her any distraction from celebrating her many years and children is shortsighted and insecure. When your mother finally passes away - your brother will wish he never acted this way. Good Luck, Live well and let live. Matt

  • sass_my_frass

    I hereby classify your brother as a tool.

  • metatron

    Demons? Devils?

    Well, who's the "slanderer" in this? Isn't that what "devil" means?

    If your relative is slandering you - writing you off as a wicked person - they are following the Devil, because that's what it means!


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