My Brother Counsels My Mother About Her Sister & Me

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  • minimus

    Months ago my aunt told my mother that because she associated with me and she knew what my stand for the "truth" was, that she MUST stop associating with me because her association with me was a way for "the demons" to get to my mother who could then go to my aunt and others. My aunt told my mom that IF she didn't stop her association that she COULDN'T continue with seeing her own sister on a weekly basis. My mom will be 80 this summer and my aunt is 82. My mother told her that she would NOT stop seeing her (1) son that "takes care of her" and that if my aunt's conscience was demanding of her to refrain from association, then so be it. Now for a few months, my aunt has had nothing to do with my mom. Last week my brother's daughter gave my mother a message (on the QT) from my aunt:"She misses you". My mom told my niece, "Tell her I miss her too". Then this week, my mother got a letter from my brother and his wife counseling her to "do the right thing" and resume her association with my aunt and stop associating with me! He gave her scriptures telling HER to forgive and be the better person. Mind you, my mom asked if she could put her 2 sons on a medical emergency list if something were to happen to her. He said "please take my name off that list! I have too many medical issues myself and I don't want to have the stress and worry over you too". ......So my mom had to call her medical provider and have my brother's name deleted from the list and my daughter's name on instead. And now he's got the gall to tell my mother how to live her life....Actually my mother asked me to tell the story and she wanted me to put his letter on the internet for all of you to read!!! When I get the letter I will do so.

  • xjwms

    My mother will be 80 this year as well. I am the only one taking care of her too.

    I am thankful, that I don't have the same kind of stress of having close ties with the org like that.

    Minimus...I hope it works out for you.


    Wow Minimus your mom sounds like a tenacious, strong woman. Good for her and how dare your brother tell her to stop associating with you. So she actually wants you to post the letter on here? Is she having more serious doubts about the "truth"?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Wow minimus, your mother sounds like quite a lady, and your brother comes across as a typical interfering jw.

    I look forward to reading his letter, and his reaction if he finds out you posted it.

    I hope things go well for you and your mum

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I sympathize with your situation, caring for aged parents is very demanding It is good to know your mom appreciates all you do for her .So sorry to hear her sister is being so irrational , you would think she would realize they only have a few good years left to enjoy each others company. Hopefully things will turn around soon for them . (BTW , your brother is a stinker ! )

  • minimus

    Fortunately, my mother DOES see a lot of obvious problems with this cult. It's hard for her to truly accept that she's been duped and that she has misled others too. But I KNOW she realizes that there is more bulls*it that not in the "truth".

  • minimus


  • rebel8
    her association with me was a way for "the demons" to get to my mother who could then go to my aunt and others

    I for one think it's true. Deeeeemonzz are known for inhabiting red dots!!! Are you spreading your Satanic hydrophobia to all of us over the internet connection? hmmmm? -------------->

    *suddenly in the mood for Devil's food cake*

  • greendawn

    This is such a cult of warped minded individuals even persons in their 80's are unable to see how twisted this org is. I hope it all turns out well for you and your mother who is so brave at her age to stand up for you.

  • serendipity

    Min, This is a sad situation. I hope your aunt comes to her senses before it's too late. They may not have much time left.

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