Who did Satan hurt?

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I love this quote:

    Satan.....he comes over as 'a bit of a sweetie' in comparison to Jehovah

    I am trying to imagine the reaction if anyone put that in a talk. It would never happen, of course, but one can dream

  • Gill

    Legolas - Why do I think that is?

    Well, I suspect that has been some very serious discrepancy in the translation and understanding of the Old Testament.

    Perhaps it originates in a time when there was no real law, or police force to control and protect people. The 'Church' was the 'law' at the time. So, they had to have a 'loving, all powerful, all watching God' who would send the 'bad' people to hell and torment. Therefore, the 'all powerful, and all evil, and complete megalomaniacal, homocidal maniac God, Jehovah, became the 'ultimate in law enforcement', ineffect, 'if he doesn't get you for your sins now, he will when you die. And all his 'atrocities' showed how powerful and 'just' and 'loving' he really was.

    The original Serpent - now that's an interesting one. My understanding is that the serpent, in prehistory represented, wisdom, good, health etc. Something has gone a long way awry in our Biblical interpretation. I'm still looking into ancient Serpent Cults and it's very interesting. So, the Devil, being associated with the Serpent, may well mean that right from the start he was the Goodie and Jehovah, the Badiee.

  • Legolas
    I'm still looking into ancient Serpent Cults and it's very interesting. So, the Devil, being associated with the Serpent, may well mean that right from the start he was the Goodie and Jehovah, the Badiee.


    I never heard of that before...I will look up on that!

    About 6-8 months or so ago I seen an older movie where Satan is really the one who loves us not god..And no...LOL...I can't remember the name of the movie!

    Remember ....Two sides to every story!

  • Clam

    Interesting questions Gill and Legolas. I've always thought that although Satan and his demonic hordes were the chief villians of the international best seller known as the Bible, the authors didn't paint them up to be that bad.

    It seems to be assumed by the Bible authors that having questioned Jehovah's authority and duped the hapless Eve, that was enough to make Satan the most evil disgusting thing in the universe. Other references that come to mind are the Job story where Jehovah and Satan are just having a game with poor Job as the pawn; Satan having a chat with Jesus in the Wilderness, and a number of incidents where demons are booted out by Jesus during their routine posession work.

    I reckon the guys deserve another chance. Satan really ought to cite the parable of the prodigal son if he wants to give Jehovah a big hug and say sorry. Maybe the unpleasantness of Armagedoon can be avoided.

  • daystar

    I suspect that it can be argued that Satan hurt people by being the assumed cause of people going against God's Will and His Law.

    In that way, though, he's a straw man. It's based upon the assumption that the "word of God" is good. Anything otherwise is labelled "evil" and is attributed to Satan.

    So, if a priest decides that God says masturbation is bad, it comes from Satan. And if it's a bad enough sin to be punished for, it's Satan's fault. Thus, Satan caused the person to masturbate, violating God's Law, which must be punished. Thus, Satan caused the person to be hurt.

  • collegegirl21

    Here's another question: If God is so almighty high, why does he have to prove himself to Satan? And why couldn't Adam and Eve eat from the tree? Did god not want us to be able to think for ourselves?

  • IP_SEC

    The serpent is the biblical Prometheus.

    (from wikipedia)

    He surpassed all in cunning and deceit. He held no awe for the gods, and he ridiculed Zeus and his lack of farcical plays
    Prometheus was the creator of man
    Prometheus was carefully crafting a creature after the shape of the gods. It was a human.

    Prometheus was sorry for his creations, and watched as they shivered in the cold winter nights. He decided to steal fire from the gods after Zeus disagreed with his idea of helping the humans. He climbed Olympus and stole fire from the chariot of Helios (or, in later mythology, Apollo). He carried the fire back in the stalk of a fennel plant, which burns slowly and so was appropriate for this task. Thus mankind was warm. To appease Zeus, Prometheus told the humans to burn offerings to the gods. He killed a great bull for this purpose. When the gods smelled the offerings, Prometheus decided to play a trick on the gods. The meat he hid beneath a layer of bone and sinew, whilst the bones he disguised with delicious-looking fat. He then offered Zeus his choice of "meat" for the gods to eat. Zeus picked the plate of bones, and Prometheus took the plate of meat for himself and the mortals. To punish Prometheus for this hubris (and all of mankind in the process), Zeus took fire away from the earth.

    Satan gave humans something more precious than long life, knowledge. He is the patron of humans.

    No Im not a debbil worshipper, just drawing some comparisons.

  • daystar
    Did god not want us to be able to think for ourselves?

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    One might tend to blame it on God. But who really benefits? The religious authority does. It makes for a good story to keep the rank & file in check.

    "You aren't good enough to differentiate between good and bad. We are, though, because God speaks through us."

    You're onto something.

  • Gill

    fullofdoubtnow - I'm trying to imagine my mother's reaction when I describe Satan as a bit of a sweetie in comparison to Jehovah!

    Clam - When it comes to 'demon possessions' spoken of in the Bible, there are multitudes of possible reasons to explain those, (which I'm sure you know) which then still leaves us with the problem of asking, what did the demons do wrong?

    daystar - 'God's law', whether his judgment is good or bad, remains questionable, seeing how he bahaves so badly in the OT.

    collegegirl21 - So much starts to make no sense at all when you begin to think, for yourself. No wonder 'Jehovah' didn't want us to be able to make our own judgements.

  • unclebruce

    So who would you rather have on your side this limpwristed sweety vegetarian satan or a kick ass, evil smit'n, meat munch'n HE GOD with a sack full of hailstones and a bad attitude!

    'scuse me, I was playing Jehovah's advocate

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