Who did Satan hurt?

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  • Trojan
    I forgot to add, that yes I have been reading 'Jehovah Unmasked'.

    Me, too! I finished that book in 2 nights! Read it straight through...one shot ('til 2 a.m.!) My conclusion: I'm with you Gill on the "Christian conclusions" the author had - I mean: if OT is crappy history, than why should I accept some gnostics writings? Hell, I could loose the rest of my life getting myself into another WT Organization type of thing, now only based on Gnostic writings....

    On my way out.....I don't understand OR accept all of tetrapod.sapiens arguments in this or passed threads, but I must admit that it is my tendency to fall on (once I leave this mess)....= Don't believe in anything - just relax, kick back and ENJOY LIFE. I think that is what I will do.......I can't take another 30 years to figure out why the Gnostics where wrong.....

    An interesting point in that book, that I can't explain away (not with WT literature, or bible scriptures) is this (and you can see how brainwashed we are - we because I'm still part of this "prestigious club of crocks"):

    All the positive comments about serpents in the Bible, look for yourself (NWT):

    Genesis 3:1

    3 Now the serpent proved to be the most cautious of all the wild beasts of the field that Jehovah God had made

    Genesis 4:3

    3 Next he said: “Throw it on the earth.” So he threw it on the earth, and it became a serpent; and Moses began to flee from it

    Exodus 7:15

    15 Go to Phar´aoh in the morning. Look! He is going out to the water! And you must put yourself in position to meet him by the edge of the Nile River, and the rod that turned into a serpent you are to take in your hand.

    Numbers 21:8-9

    Then Jehovah said to Moses: “Make for yourself a fiery snake and place it upon a signal pole. And it must occur that when anyone has been bitten, he then has to look at it and so must keep alive.” 9 Moses at once made a serpent of copper and placed it upon the signal pole; and it did occur that if a serpent had bitten a man and he gazed at the copper serpent, he then kept alive.

    Jehovah himself commands Moses to make that copper serpent, which ironically foreshadowed Jesus at his torture stake.

    Now that gets weird???!!!??? Jesus = Serpent???

    I have also read RunningMans excellent book (Atheists Bible book) and have checked many of his references. I find more and more difficult to swallow all these wonderfull bible stories.....(contradicting stuff!)....Now, I'm reading CoC....2nd chapter.....

    The "Daniel book" study this week is another one.......o god, if I think that we will go through the Revelation book again....it makes me feel sick!


  • Gill

    Trojan - Great reply! You might be interested in reading up on ancient serpent cults. IT's fascinating. I'll post the title and details of the present book I'm reading tomorrow but it's absolutely fascinating.

  • startingover


    I knew you were reading the book and I was fairly sure that's what prompted this thread. I too just finished the book and am in agreement with your take on it.


    I totally agree with your take on it too. Give yourself some time with Tetra, things may come into focus. What has become very obvious to me through this book and other reading is that originally the serpent was the good guy and Jehovah was the bad guy. Not very close to what has been "inculcated" in me since infancy but very likely the truth. Thanks for posting all those scriptures, now I have easy access to them.

    I guess I'm ahead of you because I have already decided it's all just a crock and I'm just going to enjoy life Funny thing, I started in the reverse order as you, I read C of C first and that separated me from the JW thinking, and then writings such as Runningman's excellent book (actually Thomas Paine's 'The age of reason' and Joesph Wheless' 'Is it God's Word'" first) opened my eyes about the rest.

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