Why I belong to JWD

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  • Jez

    My JW SIL doesn't approve of me being on this site. She has compared it to a black person having a friend that is a member of a anti-black community.

    So, lately I have been asking myself, Why am I here?

    I know exactly why.

    Where else can you get so many varied opinions about a religion that I grew up in, would have died for, have family members that are members of, have questions about myself and find answers to some tough questions I have? I CAN'T talk to any JWs about the questions or concerns I have or they will immediately label me an evil "apostate." Or give me an extremely one sided narrow minded answer that has been 'told' to them or 'interpreted' for them. I want it all to be my own.

    I like that there are so many different backgrounds in here. I value everyone's opinion, and can't resist reading others perspective on a subject. Sometimes, someone articulates it in a way that makes sense to me, sometimes I read things that I totally disagree with and that helps form MY opinions about God etc, sometimes I agree with some of it but not all of it, etc.

    I am strong enough in what I call my 'base' personal convictions to be here. Ie: Just because I am in university learning about, listening to evolution, being exposed to many views on it, does not automatically mean that I am now an evolutionist. I LOVE learning about other's beliefs and do not feel threatened at all by gaining knowledge. I only find it empowering.

    Basically, I am here, because I am still searching.....aren't we all, don't we always? People in here are very real, have the same pain as I do, and understand at a level that does not need to be overtly stated.

    What about you? Jez

  • Super_Becka

    I'm also here because I want some straight answers and evidence about the WTS and JWs in general. I've never been a JW, nor will I ever be, but I am dating an inactive JW, and I need to know what I'm up against. I could just ask him about his beliefs, but he can't answer all of my questions, he's not especially knowledgeable about the WTS and its policies and of course, he'd paint the WTS in a positive light because it's all he's ever known.

    I want straight, real, honest answers, not canned JW answers.

    My JW boyfriend has no idea that I post here, or even that I research his beliefs. Why not?? Because the last time I let it slip that I knew some things about the WTS, he got defensive and demanded to know where I got my information. Apparently, he is fully aware the the rest of the world not only thinks that JWs are a little odd, but can see the flaws in their reasoning and the lies that they spread as doctrine.

    I can't just go along with this and hope that it all works out, I need to know what I'm in for, what sorts of things I'll have to deal with and what things the WTS hides and lies about, and I won't get those things from my boyfriend.

    I haven't lied to him about my research, though, I just haven't told him about it because it doesn't come up in conversation. If he asks, I'll tell him, I can't lie to him, but until it comes up, I won't be letting him in on my research unless I'm absolutely ready for it.

    I'm here to learn, I'm here for advice, I'm here to share stories, I'm here to make friends and talk to people who understand my situation.

    That's why I'm here.

    -Becka :)

  • candidlynuts

    well said jez...

    to me.. this, (along with other ex jw sites, quotes etc.) gave me a light at the end of a dark dark tunnel.

    when you've lost everyone you ever loved , a part of you dies and your own integrity starts to just not mean that much anymore.. places like this helped me survive the dark days and realize i'm not alone and damned if others arent having as bad or worse of a time of it as i am!

  • serendipity

    I'm here to learn the truth about "the truth", to learn of the latest JW developments, insider dirt, maybe make some friends. Oh and to pick up men.

  • kid-A

    I LOVE learning about other's beliefs and do not feel threatened at all by gaining knowledge

    I agree 100% Jez. We all have to 'reconstruct' our perceptions of the universe and our places within it once we have let go of the watchtower mind-vice.

    I also enjoy the debates on JWD and have had the pleasure of interacting with other people who, while I may disagree with their specific beliefs, I appreciate hearing their

    perspectives on certain philosophical and scientific issues. The way I look at it, whether you are a christian, pagan, atheist, agnostic, catholic, jew, etc. We all share a common

    bond here, and we are all survivors in one way or another.


  • tetrapod.sapien

    ... i'm here because i like to pick on xians. lol.

    no, really, i'm here because i'm a survivor too. cheers to you all!


  • GermanXJW

    I feel the international JW community lives on here - with less hypocrisy.

  • Lilycurly

    I was thinking about the same thing this morning, after I finished talking to the phone with my ex-JW mother.

    Probably the first reason I came unto that site was because my father is still a JW and I'm DAed. That makes it very hard for my mother, because she always have to tear herself between my father and I. It makes for a very uncomfortable and tense family situation. So I come here to get courage and find tips that might help us free my dad's mind.

  • slugga

    Because I miss my brothers and sisters

  • MsMcDucket

    I'm here because I was "in love" with the wrong religion. It has broken up my family. It has broken my spirit. It has broken my heart. I feel so dumb for being so blinded by this religion. I need support. It is nice to find other people, like myself, who understand what it is like to be duped!

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