Ugly People Need Not Apply

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    Well, this probably would have gone over better had it had the title "Do you have nice looking broadcasters in your area?", instead of focusing on ugly people. That said, there is this one weather forecaster in our area that has ears that stick straight out and it's very difficult to focus on the weather report. The guy seems nice, but I wonder why the network doesn't pay for a little plastic surgery to have those fixed? He is in the public eye everyday! I usually change the channel and get the weather somewhere else....(and everybody talks about it!)


  • juni

    I'm with Candidlynuts and Flyinghighnow on this one Prophecor.

    This is dirty fluff!!


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Ever watch an ugly person reporting the news? There outta' be a law. I can't pay attention because all I can do is focus on how ugly you are.

    soooo, Prophecor..... would people watching you do the news pay attention or turn the t.v. off?

  • upside/down

    I actually....agree...with FHN...

    It's a miracle!

    u/d(of the substitute _____ for "ugly" and you'd be pissed class)

  • prophecor

    dichotomy n : being twofold; a classification into two opposed parts or subclasses; "the dichotomy between eastern and western culture" [syn: duality]

    Sorry for the offense some may take to this as I'm not above Caustic Fluff at times. It was meant not so much as a smear against those who may be less than attractive, trust me, there are major flaws with me inside & especially out. "Yes, you would turn the channel on me were I reporting your morning weather report!"

    I tend to view things from the 2 opposite extremes and try to meet my way in the middle. I've just been viewing more of the news lately and keep seeing how they put the most attractive ones in front of the camera. Nothing new of course, but was wondering. If they anchored the news with those who were less than attaractive physically, would people watch the news with as much fervor?

    We here in the west are so youth conscious, and weight conscious that the regular folk get swept under the rug, and God forbid you be overweight in this society as you are viewed in an even less than favorable light.

    It's just a sad moment when we don't allow ourselves to get to know folk from beyond physical first impressions. We present to the world a face, yet, do they really bother to know who we really are? Do they understand that even I am fragile?

    For those who were offended, I appologise as it was only an exercise in dichotomy. The view from both extremes, as well as a means of seeing what was truly on the hearts of some. Though I didn't expect for some to be as offended, I understand you can only get back what you give out.

    For everyone else: Continue the fluff

    Prophy (* Not above caustic fluff *)

  • upside/down

    Writing seems so much more difficult than actual talking... too much nuance is lost... Been there done that...

    No sweat!

    u/d(of the sincere apologies heals most if not all class)

  • kristyann

    I have never posted a picture on here before so I don't know if it will work. But anyway, I will try... let me know if you get it. This is a guy that does the weather on one of our local stations, and I think he's really sexy. I don't know why, because he's not really your typical hot guy... not sexy in a CONVENTIONAL way, but sexy for some reason none the less. Anyway, I met him at a local event in our city and we were talking for a little bit and he seemed really interested in me. We e-mailed a little bit after that but then we just kind of stopped talking. Does anyone else think we'd make a cute couple? He's probably 15 years older than me... and I have a boyfriend anyway... but hey, I'm not planning on DOING anything about it.

  • upside/down

    Two words...sugar...daddy!


  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    For obvious reasons there are a lot of beautiful people on TV. Personally, I find quirky people more interesting. Ugly people become loveable if they are smart, funny, intelligent & articulate...or have something unique to offer.

    Beautiful people who have been handed jobs because of their looks come and go. It's the ugly people who have had to claw, scratch and bite their way to the top that persevere. In today's fast pace world, there is no room for mediocrity. If you are ugly and on TV there is a reason you're there. It's obvious that you excel in some area that others do not.

    Look at Oprah. Even though she was never "ugly" she wasn't the stereotypical look for news. She stuck to it and now she's not only smart, funny, intelligent & articulate she's gorgeous and super rich.

  • Sunnygal41
    God forbid you be overweight in this society as you are viewed in an even less than favorable light.

    That would be me right about now...............(the overweight person, not the judgemental ones)


    Makes me sad thinking how great I felt and looked............

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