Maryann....or Ginger. Who would you pick if.....

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  • lola28



  • IronClaw

    I'd take Mrs. Howell, then afterwards I could buy both MaryAnn and Ginger. Oh what the hell , I'd buy the whole damn island.

  • theinfamousone

    I CHOOSE BOTH!!!! one on either end of the island... my camp in the middle... and when i get em both good and drunk, i will briong em both back to my camp for some freakie deekie, fun filled time... woooooooooo

    the infamous one

  • candidlynuts

    well i'm not male..but i'd pick maryann...she cooked.

  • gumby

    I'm thinking ginger had saggy boobs and red freckles on her upper chest. that I think about, would definately have to be liqured up a bit cuz she was a hyper little spaz who'd make me too nervous. Course once you started nibblin on her'e prolly quiet down a bit I'm thinkin.


  • doodle-v


    I'm thinking Ginger would put out quicker. Mary Anne would take a little bit longer, but she may come around after a few Mai Tai's....

    Personally... I'd go after the Professor. I like smarty pants, and anyone that can make a washing machine outta a few coconuts and some palm leaves is a good catch in my book!


  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I'd get the two of them all liquored up on coconut wine, then persuade the two of them to get it on. I can see it all in my head......:

    Ginger: "Gee MaryAnne, your hair smells like strawberries, 'hic'......"

    MaryAnne: "I've never kissed a girl before....'hic'"....tee hee"

    Ginger: "I could sure use a backrub, and Low-Key's hands are so rough. I need someone with a softer touch....'hic'"

    Low-Key: "maybe we should all just get rid of these stupid clothes...."


  • Highlander

    Can I pick both?

    A threesome on the island would be great!

  • Rabbit

    Like Gumboner, I always felt a little 'intimidated' by Ginger, so, I was in love -- big time with Maryanne. I loved those gingham 'country gal' dresses she wore, too.

    Ginger...well, she would "be a nice place to visit...(teehee) but, I wouldn't want to live there."


  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    "I can only imagine only a horny male wanting to spend time with Ginger."

    You don't know men. Horny or not, Ginger was a beautiful and sexy woman. She had a beautiful face and figure and carried herself very well. She had an incredible sexy voice (albeit put-on). Simply put, she was gorgeous, which I’m quite sure was the reason for her being chosen for that role. She was every guy’s fantasy about having a beautiful bombshell stranded on a desert island. I’d be willing to bet that if most men were really honest about it, and they had a month to be on a desert island with an incredibly attractive female like Ginger they’d go for it. Unless they were gay of course. Then there’s always Gilligan. ;u)

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