"Cornered" a street cornerer today

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  • Jez

    Thought today that I would try to get some questions answered. I wanted to see if he could answer my concerns and was looking forward to a nice discussion or some peace regarding some things that are driving me crazy.

    SO, I saw this older 'wise' looking gentleman on the street holding up some mags. SO, I approached him. I told him it was too cold for him to be out here, he should be home with a cup of tea and some biscuits watching the olympics. He said, "Nope, I am dressed warm enough." I asked him what he has there. He said the Awake about "Who will feed the hungry?"

    "Not JWs eh,"
    (giggle giggle, shoulder nudge to him)

    Confused look on his face. So I said,

    "I don't think JWs contribute to one charity like the Salvation Army does or all the other churches do, do they?"

    "We take care of our own."

    "WHAT! But Jesus gave the parable about the good samaritan for a reason...to encourage his followers to look after ALL mankind if they are down and out, not only 'their kind'."

    "We have plenty of our own to look after."

    "6 million right?"


    "That is not very many compared to other religions in the world, yet they still manage to contribute to many charities."

    (shrugs his shoulders)

    "Hmmmm, ok, but you would think an organization worth billions would help take care of all ppl, to completely follow Jesus' teachings."

    Blank look from him.

    "You DO know what your organization is worth, don't you?"

    He changes the subject at this point and says,

    "Churches don't teach the bible or use God's name, Jehovah"

    "You are right, they teach THEIR interpretation of the bible, just like you do. AND MANY churches use God's name. Have you ever been to church?"

    "It is not in the bible to celebrate holidays."

    "Sir, it is not in the bible to disfellowship ppl for smoking, it is not in the bible to make a disfellowshipped person wait for 6 months to many years to get reinstated, it is not in the bible about what % of blood you can or can't take, it is not in the bible about going to meetings 3x a week, it is not in the bible about how many hours you get in field service, it is not in the bible about protecting pedophiles even at the expense of children, it is not in the bible about chosing a date for the end of the world, it is not in the bible about JW being the chosen race...Can you address these things for me please, help me understand?"

    At this point he threw his hands up and pulled out the ol' you'll die soon anyways, you don't matter comment and said, "THERE IS no point talking to YOU! SOON you will see!"

    "See what?"

    "Armageddon will destroy all non-lovers of God."

    "Woooooo, I LOVE God, are you judging me? Are you God, Jesus, ARE YOU JUDGING ME here on the street and you don't even know me? Wait, are you saying ONLY JWs will survive?"


    "That is not very nice sir, you are on the street, trying to provide ppl with the truth about the bible, opening yourself up to questions and comments, you have the perfect opportunity to show me the love of God and yet you show me the opposite, you show me hate, a gleeful delight in the destruction of mankind, religious intolerance, an arrogant attitude and an inability to answer even ONE of my questions."

    He turns aside and says, "Jehovah's ppl will be persecuted"

    "No, throughout history ANYONE that has authentically tried to follow the bible has been persecuted, not just JWs."

    He starts to walk away.

    I follow him and say,

    "So, will you please address some of my concerns, you seem very knowledgable and I am really looking for some answers from a wise older JW."

    "NO, you will see soon enough."

    "WHAT does that mean? Are you saying that you are standing here, looking at ppl walking past you, and you are thinking that they will all die soon? And that doesn't bother you? You are only concerned if YOU live? Why are you on this street then?"

    "The world is worse than it has ever been"

    "Who told you that? There are many negative things, yes, but many positive things as well."

    "Go away"

    "I will, for now, but I will be back if I see you again with some more questions, please bring your bible next time as I see you don't have it with you, only the mags."

    Why is it that every single JW I talk to lately with my concerns, will either NOT talk to me, changes the subject or tells me that I am going to die? (rhetorical)


  • Scully

    Have you ever phoned someone, and started a conversation with the recorded message on the answering machine, thinking that you were talking to the person you were calling?

    That's what this sounded like.

    You did good, Jez!

  • Miss_MG

    You wont get anywhere with a brain dead clone like that they only reason how their told but if it makes you feel good go for it.

  • IronClaw

    Sounds like all he was concerned with was getting in those hours. Time, time and more time. He really could care less about people.

    By the way congrats on your 1000th post.

  • hubert

    Boy, sure wish I do that good !!

    That was great reading, Jez. Thanks....Good job !


  • Jez


    Don't know why that is so exciting.


  • cyd0099

    Now I know what I want to say to the glum, miserable-looking sisterâ„¢ on the corner!

    Thanks, Jez

  • Hellrider
    He turns aside and says, "Jehovah's ppl will be persecuted"

    Arrrrggggh! It`s when they come up with that one, I just clench my fists and feel like punching the wall. There`s just something about that attitude that is soooo annoying.

  • unclebruce

    "The world is worse than it has ever been" "Who told you that? There are many negative things, yes, but many positive things as well."

    "Go away"

    LOL .. but you're supposed to tell him to go away - I'm a bit worried about the brother he might be weak in the truth or having doubts

    A very funny post Jez, thanks for sharing. Nothing beats real life. Pity you didn't have an apostate tract to 'place' with him.

    cheers, unc.

  • rebel8

    lol, brilliant!

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