What Things Did You Think Were "Demonized"?

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  • pamkw

    Just about everything was demonized. My mom claimed to hear knocking on the wall in my Grandma's house, she was sure it was demons trying to get my mom to not be baptized. She used to run around outside the house at night to try and see one. And wow! after she was dunked, no more knocking. I guess the demons thought my mom was important or something. Later we had a rocking chair my mom was sure demonized.She swore it woke up my baby brother everytime he was put asleep into the crib. We had to bust it up and burn it. It was all kind of wierd. I used to really be afraid that anything I did would make demons come to my house. My mom is still that way to this day. My sister is always talking about demons.


  • Bstndance

    Not sure if I told this story before, but here's another go:

    I remember I used to do a lot of creative writing back in High School. One time I wrote a story and it involved some kids going to a party that had drinking and a ouija board. I showed it to one of my friends in the hall to read. I was so proud of myself. Well my friend showed another friend and it went out from there. One day after a meeting a MS who was supposedly the "cool one" who was young and would hang out with all the young people pulls me aside and starts counseling me on my writing. "You should only write about things christians would do." I was floored.

    It had such a negative impact. I stopped writing creatively for years. It wasn't until about a year ago when I had to write for school that I fell in love with writing again.

  • Gregor

    The wife of an elder ('anointed', to boot) was obsessed with this subject. When you talked to her you could almost see the tiny pinwheels spinning in her eyes. She made it her official job to get the word out that we must not buy anything used, clothes, furnishings, etc. because it could be possesed by demons. This made it kind of tough if you were raising kids on a janitors income.

    Our Kingdom Hall was built on land donated by a elderly witness couple. They lived next door in beautiful old house. One day, when Sister Elder , (who lived in a trailer) was visiting Sister Elderly, she began to fix on the lovely, matching, ceramic lamps at each end of the sofa. She decided they didn't look right, in fact, as she looked at them she began to see a face in the abstract design! She explained to Sister Elderly what they had to do. Yep, they took those lamps out to the garage and beat then to death with hammers! When Brother Elderly got home he hit the roof. He remembered laying out $1200.00 for them when they were purchased many years before.

    The kooky thing about this nutcase was that she went through a phase of being obsessed with the practice of diagnosing physical ailments by looking at the iris of the eyes. After the meeting she would have people in the back of the hall looking in their eyes with a penlight. Thank God she never saw any faces in somebodys eye!

  • free2beme

    I was told the television series "Bewitched" was

  • greendawn

    A book that a Catholic gave me was described as being demonic as were also some psychology books. They got thrown away regretably, especially the psychology books. That's the morbid JW psychology of fear and insecurity.

  • minimus

    Thank you Lowden.

  • MissBehave
    I remember hearing stories about people listening to rap or rock music on the radio and then having their room possesed until they stopped and burned their cd's..

    Yes, because remember if you play Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" backwards it will subliminally tell you to smoke marijuana and you will become a possessed junkie. I remember being a teenager at a district convention and they "demonstrated this" by first playing the intro and first verse forward (which I thought to myself "I LOVE this song, when I heard the first dun, dun, dun....) then they played it backwards. First of all, I couldn't hear anything close to what they were purporting. And second of all, if they really believed it was a subliminal message, playing it for thousands of teenagers at a DC?? not so smart.

  • Honesty
    What Things Did You Think Were "Demonized"?

    Everything not connected to the Watchtower Society. It was only after I made my escape that I learned that exactly the opposite is the Truth about the Watchtower.

  • Moridin

    My dad threw away a Weird Al tape because it had a version of Queens Bohemian Rhaposdy on it and he heard them say "Beelzabub the Devil". I wasn't allowed to watch Star Wars because it was demonized, the Force appearantly was the devil making them do things unnatural. No smurfs allowed, any music that was harder than country was from Satan any books that weren't watchtower publications were thrown away. Which reminds me, my father inherited some old watchtower books from his mother when she died and she had always told him that at the same time every day the shelf that they were sitting on would shake and rock for five minutes and then stop. The books ended up on a bookshelf at home and the same thing happened to us so he burned them. I thought it was pretty funny.

  • blondie

    I though some of the elders and their wives were "demonized." How else could you explain that unchristian treatment they gave to others?

    I never worried about "demons" since I grew up with the human variety.


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