Did anyone actually enjoy field service?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    BTW - welcome to all the 'newbies' that posted to this thread.


  • unique1

    WELCOME all you newbies!!!

    I only enjoyed it when it was just me and my friends in a group. We were best friends and always had a good time together no matter what we were doing, so going in service was merely something to do while joking around and telling stories and just being best friends. When I wasnt' with my friends though, I hated it. Especially when I would get stuck sitting in the back seat next to the old lady with bad breath, that would get in your face to tell you crazy stories.


    When I was pionering I liked it alot. Part of it was that I thought I was trying to help people, and also got to hang out with all my friends so that made it fun. I had to ruin it by being even more self-righteous than they were and go to Bethel... bethel is where I learned to dislike the ministry, I mean it was my first time working 44 hrs a wk and still having to go to meetings so using my only Saturday off that month to drag my ass out to the territory, I dont think so.

  • willyloman

    Jeff: appreciated your 'mixed bag' review. That about covers my own experience.

  • mrsjones5

    Hated it, took every opportunity to avoid it

  • samu

    I hated it. I was always pushed to do it. Sometimes brought to the door and as the door opened I was told, 'it's your turn'.

    I hated it even more when we knocked on the doors of people that smelt and invited you in.

  • aquagirl

    I hated it!!!we live in a rural area where everyone let their mean dogs wander free..cant tell you how many jw's i saw get attacked by dogs.and back in school on monday am,the evil classmates would taunt and tease me..i was the only jw in the school..i HATED it.....

  • mouthy

    <<<<<<< See my name???? & You ask a question like this???I LOVE talking!!! anytime... That is why my Dad called me "Mouth & Trousers" & My husband called me "Motor Mouth"Of course I LOVED to talk about Jehovah.... Since NO ONE could ever disput what I was saying it was even a "PRIDE" thing. SHAME ON ME!!!!!

    The Devil lost a pushy agent when they kicked me out. OH!!! Now I realize why they came to reinstate me... Sales were down....

  • Finally-Free

    Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I liked it, depending on my mood. I always liked the breaks at Tim Hortons too. Not only did I get to have a coffee and donut - I also had the opportunity to feel holier than other JWs, because unlike them, I restricted my breaks to 15 minutes.


  • Collegegurl

    I never really enjoyed it. I'm shy by nature so going up to people's door and talking to them isn't really my thing. Actually I told my parents this quite frequently and I think they understood. I really hate going to the door with pioneers, two or three in particular, they always will tell people what they do wrong in their presentations. I enjoyed taking breaks and talking with my friends in between doors but not ever talking to people.

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