Did anyone actually enjoy field service?

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  • tijkmo

    yup i liked it....but i wasnt fanatical

    i like eating too...wouldnt wanna do it all the time tho

  • Spectre

    The only reason I ever went out was:

    A) I had to(either parents made me or I had to get in time).

    B) Maybe the "hot" sister was going to be out that day and maybe we might be put in the same car group.

  • delilah

    I actually enjoyed informal witnessing far more than going door to door. I seemed to have far better discussions then too. I really disliked door to door work unless it was country territory, then we'd spend more time in the car than out of it at doors.. I liked the coffee breaks though.

  • tassie

    what a question!!!! i don't know how to start with an answer to this. hell no we all hated i think . who in god's name wants to get folks up at 9 something in the morning for nothing? i remember one time me and my aunt well great aunt really and my mom knocked on this guys door and he came out with a very short night shirt on and nothing else and me and my mom ran to the car but Aunt Juanita kept right on talking and she SOLD that watchtower!!! you guys are making me making me remember stuff i haven't thought about since i was a kid.

  • Spectre

    Welcome Tassie.

    This place will bring up all sorts of old memories.

  • damselfly

    I hated field service with a passion from the first time I was introduced to it. I admitted it to myself and my parents repeatedly. My dad would have let me stay at home but mom would make me go, so I would go to doors with dad and he would take them. I didn't know any kids who would admit to liking it.


  • tassie

    yeah that's what i am afraid of. tell me about you . how lonfg hav eyou been free?

  • unclebruce

    Pre 1975 Loved it. Bicycle pioneering in my youth.... discussing the bible and placeing books .. rural witnessing.. surfing where the need was greater ...giving people hope of eternal fruit.....

    After 1975 Hated it. Hello, I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesess (please tell me to piss off!)

  • clovis

    I would go out alot in the winter because I was a bricklayer and was laid off due to weather. My buds and I would drive out and make some calls, drink coffee, and plan camping and fishing trips. When I had to go with people I didn't like or know it was awful. I guess it's one of the most miserable things a person can do. When I think back on it now I get a sick feeling and phisicaly shudder. I think it was a incredable waste of my time. I did manage to get a few "studies". One poor guy Gary got baptized and is still a jw. His girlfriend took off on him with his daughter, he had to quit a high paying tech job because they made defense stuff for the gov't. Basically I ruined his life. I still feel bad but he can leave and chooses not to. He looks sad every time I run across him.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    In my youthful days as a witness - I absolutely loved it. Started pioneering the day I was dipped [vacation pioneer I think at that time]. Then right into regular Pio as soon as I could after. And [unfortunately now] I was damn good at it too. I had the dubious privilage of 'bringing in' about 8 persons over the first few years I was a baptized witness.

    The body count is as follows;

    • Two still in - and one of the is the most self righteous bastard elder you would ever want to meet. The other an MS.
    • Two deceased - both died as faithful witnesses. One was my fleshly brother.
    • Four out - mostly just fell away over time. Good for them.

    Later years brought great frustrations. I saw that the 'work' was not being done in a serious manner. That bothered me. I developed a hatred for the duplicity that I observed in the cargroup - which became a gossip center at times. I observed no 'spirituality' among thr brothers. I was beginning to see the 'truth' for what it was - though I did not know it at the time.

    I hated the lack of efficiency in the work - all driving and no witnessing - then later I enjoyed that - looking back I know I was moving toward an exit door.

    Mixed bag. Guilt. Pressure. God's will. Everlasting Life. Save some. Lot's of emotions. No content.


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