How much longer can the 'anointed' Governing Body last?

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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I knew a cat who in his late 20's said he was of the big O-nointed.

  • VM44

    There was a "sister" back in the late 1970's who was at the time in her 40s, early 50s perhaps, by the name of Pauline Smith (Try looking her up using THAT last name!) that took the emblems each memorial.

    However, the elders never counted her as a partaker in the report sent back to Bethel.

    I suppose they thought she claimed to be of the annointed only for the prestige value it would gave her in the congregation.


  • Hellrider
    There's that new Nethanim class or whatever it's called. Blondie should be here pretty soon. She'll fill ya in.

    Maybe it`s NEPHILIM class. Now that would stir things up a bit.

  • sir82
    There's that new Nethanim class or whatever it's called.

    As I recall, the Nethinim are non-anointed who are on the various GB committees (Writing, Legal, etc.).

    But I do seem to recall mention of a small group of anointed ones in Bethel, also serving in various high-ranking positions.

  • ocsrf

    What I find funny is the explanation has always been that some of the anointed were not faithful and so this left an opening for a new younger one.

    Now lets think about this for a moment. If the number was 9,000, 25 years ago and they were already no less than 85 than, how much wrong conduct can an 85 year old get into anyway...LOL. And if someone thought they were going to heaven their whold adult life, why would them go apostate moments before they are likely to die.

    This anointed FDS is such a joke.

    JWs talk about the FDS like they have something to say, who are they talking about anyway.


  • mkr32208

    Just until my .50 cal comes in...

  • Tigerman

    MKR . . .

  • Hellrider

    LoL, one funny thing: If the "new anointed" are replacements for diseased unfaithful one, I wonder: Which ones? And how would they know that some were unfaithful? After all, they have been dead a looong time. How do they dig up dirt on people that have been dead for 30 years? Actually, the WTS have no grounds for saying that "some of the dead anointed were not anointed anyway", because they could not possibly know this. They would have to go into each case individually, and that would be impossible, because they have been dead a long time. If someone were once declared "anointed", that`s it, to late to revoke that after they died. The most bizarre scenario I can come up with, would be if in 50 years or so, half of the previous "anointed" would (in effect) have to be declared "unfaithful anointed". Such an insult to some poor, dead soul that gave his/her whole life in that cult, believing wholeheartedly that they were going to be in Christs government in heaven for all eternity. If they read this, the GB-members would probably go: ...and "who cares, they`re dead anyway..."... Ha ha! OMG, what a cult this is!

  • pmouse

    They have the "yes" men standing by waiting in the wings to move in. Wonder if they've started partaking of the emblems yet....

  • Clam

    Is there quite an even spread of "anointed"? Or are they mainly White American?

    We had three in our Congo, an old fellah who was barking mad in my opinion, his wife, who always looked as though she'd just stepped in something, and a friendly and over enthusiastic Jewish guy.

    I quite liked the latter. Hopefully he's been Disfellowshipped by now.

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