How much longer can the 'anointed' Governing Body last?

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  • eyeslice

    Great thread.
    I agree with the general view expressed here, that there will always be a pool 'younger' anointed to pick from, the whole anointed thing is just one big sham.
    The biggest problem I see will be maintaining the 'faithfully and discreet slave' label the closer we get to 2014. This doctrine is based on the belief the 'faithfully and discreet slave' was appointed by Christ at his invisible return in 1914 and these would be responsible for looking after the Lord's earthly possessions in the last days.
    My question is, just how long will the last days doctrine hold up? (Just read the message from the GB in this year's Yearbook - still full of the last days exhortations)

  • greendawn

    They are apparently fiddling the figures otherwise there would hardly be any of the so called annointed by now or else the original set was a complete failure and had to be replaced entirely.

    Not likely that the younger GB members really consider themselves to be annointed they did it to keep up the appearences that the GB is annointed. Something they never explained is what on earth sets these "annointed" apart from the other JWs.

  • nicolaou

    Recent developments show just how insightful many posters on this forum are.

    What a smart bunch!

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