Is Christ Jehovah God.......

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  • LittleToe

    I'm certainly having some fun

    I've been chronically busy at work, and not posting as much as usual, so I'm enjoying the banter

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    .........NO !

  • TopHat

    Hey, Uncle, say hello to "Themsleves" the little devil does get around, don't he/she!

  • trevor

    RevFrank asks:

    Is Christ Jehovah God?

    One would think that after two thousand years of Christ revealing himself to people and Christians having personal relationships with ‘The Christ,’ there would not be the slightest doubt about this question but the song lingers on…………….

    I think that we are perhaps dealing with a schitsophrenic personality, which could explain some of the vile deeds carried out by this - Jehovah/Christ/Jesus/Son of man/Lord/God/Saviour/King character?

  • ellderwho
    Is Christ Jehovah God?

    Perhaps the equality is not something to be grasped.

  • Gregor

    Dear RevFrank, et al...

    I mean no disrespect, nor do I want to spoil your fun, but when are you going to get over this horseshit? I have had a gutload of this kind of comparitive scripture analysis from the JW table. It seems you still believe there are REAL TRUTHS to be de-coded from the good ol' scriptures. Considering their omnipotence, if YHWH or JC really wanted us in on the skinny, he/she/it could get the message to everyone pretty damn easy, hell, Coca Cola gets the word out world wide with a few mil$ spent with a good ad agency. May I suggest you start trying to get your mind around the idea that there is NO GOD. What you see is what you get. But if you can't handle life in the nude, then by all means knock yourself out on this crap.

    Best regards

  • yaddayadda

    More mindless Trinitarian nonsense from RevFrank. Don't you ever give up?

  • LittleToe

    Gregor / Yadda:

    It appears that you've got over God - great - good for you

    When you've got over yourselves and have become a tad more tolerant, maybe you can leave others to their hobbies, no matter how idiotic it might seem to you?

    Personally I think that anyone who spends days constructing a copy of the leaning tower of Pisa out of matchsticks, need their head read, but if that's what they enjoy then "live and let live", I say...


  • unclebruce
    Feb 23, 2006
    Is Jehovah a big bang GOD?

    All things were made by themselves and without themselves nothing was made........(Bruce 1:3...)

    Big bang, evolution. Is that what you're getting at? That takes a lot more faith to believe in than believing in God as the intelligent creator.

    Consider this...

    I came from a speck of dust that exploded to create an infinate universe in which the earth resides and rotates around the sun at a perfect speed, rotation and distance so that we are neither squished by the force of gravity, nor shot out into space by a lack of the same. Neither are we burnt to a crisp or frozen to death by the sun. The moon revolves around the earth in it's proper place and creates the tide on the waters. Everything is in perfect ballance and if altered an unimaginably small amount, would cease to exist. Some sludge happened to form in the waters on earth of which all the vast creatures of sea, land and air owe their existence. I'm not only related to a monkey, but a frog, worm, bird, fish, and dung beetle. The atmosphere, which came from nothing protects us from harmful UV rays (thankfully). The rain comes in season to feed the plants and trees of which apparently, I am also related to since I came from the same pile of slime so many billions of years ago.

    With this in mind, the Big Bang happens to be the only explosion I know of that people believe created something out of nothing instead of making nothing out of something. The day you take a stick of dynamite, blow a tree up and that tree turns into a dog I'll believe it. Funny though, if I put a watch in front of you and asked the question, "did this watch have an intelligent creator or did it just happen?", you'd surely agree that it had an intelligent creator. It boggles my mind that the same person could potentially claim that the world in which they live in was not created by an intelligent creator, but "just happened". Wow, that takes faith!

    Oh ye of little faith, if only thou had the faith of the lowliest atheist thou could move mountains with thy mental powers Bruce 19:14
  • unclebruce

    Fair Suck little toe - if fundies get their kicks by comming here building their matchstick towers, let the deluded bible bashing scum fend for themselves when the firebugs arrive.

    I like open minded philosophising as much as the next lunatic but biblenuts and Jesus fruitloops are the bane of JW discussion everywhere. To put too fine a point on it - it's like rapists coming to console and offer hope to the raped. Vulture preachers are the lowest of the low preying on those least able to defend themselves. They deserve more deriding than any of us here can give (besides most of them looove persecution).


    ps: in most other respects you have my ongoing respects

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