Is Christ Jehovah God.......

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  • unclebruce

    yeah yeah gregor we're with ya ..but just look at RevFrank's pic

    don't you wanna just ruffle his hair and invite him 'round for tea & cake

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Some believe there is NO RELATIONSHIP between Jesus and Jehovah at all. Even enmity.

    Hint; Gnostics.


  • Gregor

    ya got me there, Uncle Bruce. I never thought of him that way.

    Dear Rev.

    Dang it, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelin's. Anytime your in the Northwest please get in touch. I'd love to have a couple of beers with you at the local titty bar.

    Your bud,


  • RevFrank

    Apparently I must of ruffled a few feathers or two. It matters not. The apostles didn't win any popular contest nor did Paul. But apparently the anti gods don't appericate, even topics like the trinity. Come to think of it, my topics weren't included so, thanks for reminding me.

    {{{{yaddayadda,}}}} get over it. I had no intentions of bring up the trinity, but if i do..I will. Just remember where you're at...a discussion room. unclebruce...the big bang meaning evolution there's one bang on that....evolution is only theory. The 2 Law of thermodynamics are known facts.

    As for Gregor.....It seems that none of you like to hear of the Word of God. Sorry folks, but this Discussion Forum is the place anyone will hear the Word of God, no matter who's opinion is whos. As for my opinion(s) I don't usually give it, just the facts from scripture.

    Many have their own biased and they bring in their own opinions. Like Russell did. Yet Russell brought in his opinions on the what is considered the 7th Day Adventists now days. He had plenty of ideas. Then Rutherford fought to gain control and that created a split with the noe called Bible Students. Rutherford brought in different ideas then Russell.

    But then the bible is not any one's own interperttion, yet they keep on thinking that they have God on their own side. The watchtower has the exclusive rights to God...Then again the Catholics think they do. YEt both think their religion is that important. Christ said to follow Him not a religion.....

    What's the most important thing one should remember one can come to the Father, but through Christ. Watchtower thinks other wise.


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Interesting "TWISTS" from the original post!

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