Did you "cry" when the JW's elders Disfellowshipped or Disassociated you?

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  • blondie

    I wouldn't cry because I wouldn't meet with them to start with.

    I grew up with an abusive father. Living with someone like that 24/7 makes anything an elder(s) can say or do very trivial.


  • job




  • DannyHaszard
    That's interesting. But sad too. Sounds like they've still got you.

    Danny is tasked to take out the trash,revenge is sweet it's really neat,apostate commotion in locomotion,cop a plea they are a.o.p that's when i gloat with glee.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    There are certain posters on this board who seriously worry me!They may confirm the image of the rabid,mad apostate to JWs imo

  • lisavegas420

    No I didn't cry. I might have gotten a little teary, but I did not cry. Partly because I had taken several xanax and was completely numb. I even dozed off at one point when they told me to go back and sit in the hall while they discussed my situation.


  • DannyHaszard
    There are certain posters on this board who seriously worry me!They may confirm the image of the rabid,mad apostate to JWs imo

    All apostates,mild,moderate,militant will not die at armageddon.

    No matter what any Jehovah's Witness thinks, he/she will still grow old and die just like everyone else.

    Cheers,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine 'apostate with an attitude'

    "I am treated as evil by people who claim that they are being oppressed because
    they are not allowed to force me to practice what they do."—D. Dale Gulledge

  • tijkmo

    Later that week i walked into Jacks gun shop in Quincy Mass and bought an AK similiar to below with 2 40 rd and 4 30 rd and one 75 round drum mag and 400 rounds of soft point ammo. I had prior experience with firearms,and i would lounge in front of the television and practice feeding the magazines as fast as possible.

    well i can relate to this....because if i had had access to a gun i would have killed myself but i would have taken my jc with me..or more specifically i would have taken their wives... and knee-capped the jc so they would have had plenty of time to contemplate what they had done.

    i had previously done the stiff upper lip thing...and then tried the crying thing...both were coupled with genuine godly repentance...as opposed to being sorry just because you have been caught (like they accused me of)....nothing worked...ultimately if they want to get rid of you and have already made up their mind to do this then there is nothing you can do to change their mind cos they will use whatever you do as justification for carrying out 'god's spirited directed decision'

    most days now i don't think about trying to get my hands on a gun

    most days...i said

    man if only they knew how lucky they are

  • pratt1

    Well yes and no.

    I did not cry at my JC meeting, as a matter of fact, I out talked, and our scriptured the elders. I was very bitter and I felt betrayed by the elders. I was in a very bad marriage and my elders contributed to some of the problems me and my wife were experiencing.

    In fact I told them to "Kiss my Black Ass" at one point, so it was no surprise that I was DFed.

    However the afternoon before they announced me dfed, I went to see the movie ET and I started crying at the end of the movie, when ET goes back home and I couldn't stop. Even after the movie ended and the lights came up in the theater, I was still crying. People in the theater must have thought that I had lost my mind.

    That night I went to the hall to hear my name read aloud, I had decided that if my family had to sit there and here my announcement, I would be there as well.

    It was tough and many of my friends and family started to cry - which of course made me feel horrible. I refused to shed a tear in front of the dubs, but after the final prayer I quiclky left and as I was driving home, I started to cry so much that I needed to pull over on an embankment.

    I now realized that I was mouning my death as a witless.

  • job

    Dont be so hard on yourself fleaman,now wipe that foam from your mouth.

    love Job

  • Crumpet

    My dad got a bit teary eyed as I recall, but I was missing a set by a new metal band down the pub and was quite anxious to get going so I tried to hurry things a long by confessing to anything I could thing of to help them along with their decision. They seemed awfully keen not to DF me really.

    Second time I was comfortably numb and 3rd time was done in absentia.

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