The Board Seems To Be Slowing Down...

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  • Legolas
    Methinks you're misreading the chart

    No...LOL...Methinks I am not..and BTW I just added that as a prop!

    The board has certainly slowed down and I didn't need a chart to tell me that...all I have to do is come here every day and see how slow it is getting!

  • ballistic

    Here's a load of other figures

    don't ask me what they all mean!

    Traffic rank:

    Today1 wk. Avg.3 mos. Avg.3 mos. Change
    192,301 143,224 87,693 Up 59,309

    Reach for (what's this)

    Reach per million users:

    Today1 wk. Avg.3 mos. Avg.3 mos. Change
    6 8.5 9.45 Up 36%

    Reach rank:

    Today1 wk. Avg.3 mos. Avg.3 mos. Change
    246,067 150,856 130,963 Up 20,871

    Page Views for (what's this)

    Page Views per user:

    Today1 wk. Avg.3 mos. Avg.3 mos. Change
    9.0 4.2 10.8 Up 104%

    Page Views rank:

    Today1 wk. Avg.3 mos. Avg.3 mos. Change
    136,780 152,849 62,689 Up 79,961
  • Legolas

    Balls...I wonder if those figures are posting figures or just people looking and coming to the site?

  • ferret

    I'm addicted and come on every day.

  • Gregor

    A friend put me onto this site in Dec. when the BIG NEWS was still being anticipated. I'm an old timer in the XJW ranks but I've been getting on with my life (DF'd in '81) and have not had the "fire in the bones" to rent out my brain to debunking the WTS that I had in the early days of my emancipation. This site is so well run and extensive I have truly gotten excited again about fighting the WTS hold on people.

    As many have said, the internet makes all the difference. At the Gadsen, Alabama meeting in '83 that brought forth the BR&CI hotline, the most exciting media technology we talked about employing was VIDEO tapes. And a very good video was produced by Leonard ----- of San Diego,CA. And we all owe Ron Frye a debt of gratitude for the beautifully written newsletters he has put out for years. But all of this is nothing compared to what this kind of site can now do in one day.

    Especially for those who are still in the org. who for various reasons, family & mate pressure, job pressure, etc. These folks can sneak onto JWD and get solid information and support. At first they might feel like a junior high school kid looking at porn but after getting a breath of JWD's fresh air they will get bolder.

    I also hope the people behind this site make a good living at it. The demographics put forth on this thread look very good for the future.

  • jonsey

    New Years Resolution wearing off ...LOL


  • skyman

    I have been gone doing bids all day. I am back in the office now and I want to say something that is bothering me. Have you noticed certain people on JWD are experts on just about any subject and when they post they just can't post what they think but take over the thread taking up an entire page with quotes and information they stole it from a Google search, Highlighting points in red or Bold print to stress how smart they are. One person in particular thinks she is the smartest person on the board and she is so smart. When she post she uses so much information I don't think people even read her posts.

  • purplesofa

    I have been posting here for a year..........I went for months without looking much or posting much when I was looking..........Here lately I have been posting more(although I do not say much that amounts to a hill of beans!)

    I have noticed that there are people that were regular posters a year ago that are not now. Alot were here a long time and came to know each other as a community. The posters now are relatively new, getting to know one another IMO, and maybe like me aren't huge researchers.

    I posted something about the trailers in Arkansas, which now has taken much national interest, but at the time no one was really interested.

    Simon, seems to pretty much let the board take on and keep a life of its own. I did see alot of cleaning up and exiting some time ago.

    Make the board what you want it to be. Research if that is what you think it needs, I don't know.....just thinking outloud.


    Sometimes the best stratagy is retreat!

    Rest, regroup, come back.........maybe that is what is going on.

  • FairMind

    There hasn't been any new exposures of WT deceit lately and I for one miss posts that detail someone's horrible treatment at the hands of elders, COs, DOs, etc. Seems like these are the things that spice up the board rise it out of the mundane. Hopefully some interesting (and revealing) development with the WTS will happen and cheer all of us up.

  • lookingfortruth2

    Especially for those who are still in the org. who for various reasons, family & mate pressure, job pressure, etc. These folks can sneak onto JWD and get solid information and support.
    I love JWD because of the very reason quoted above. Compared to a lot of other sites this site and are by far the BEST.

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