The Board Seems To Be Slowing Down...

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  • jgnat

    Hmmm, green arrows going UP is a good thing, right?

  • just2sheep

    the variety of posts to this forum is it's life blood. it is like any community, with many different citizens...personalities...perspectives. there is a place for you no matter where you are as an individual or where you are in connection to the jehovah's witnesses. if you were not connected you wouldn't find much lasting interest all though some threads would stand on their on anywhere.

    i am tired of uniformity of thought. i want to know how people are different. i want to know how you approach this singular experience we know as existence. only you can give me your perspective. only you can tell me your story.

    of course i personaly would like to see milder language and less negativity, but i can understand anger and bitterness and frustration. so if anger and profanity are the only languages you speak. i think you have to use that language and if i can listen i will...of course nobody is interested in everything. as far as response to any individual post is concerned, if you can talk to one person; that is communication. if you post something and get no response that doesn't mean no one saw it, reacted to it, or considered it a fine, funny, stupid, amazing, or asinine thing... they may not post for some reason or another, but you have done your part. you have communicated your fine, funny, stupid, amazing, or asinine thought. and i say good on ya. even if i don't always say it in a post.

    edited to add: slowing down? aren't we all slowing down? or is it just me????

  • outoftheorg

    When I first came across this site I was enthralled with all the scandals that could be certified and finally helped me to feel fully justified in trashing the wbts and the Gov. body.

    Even lately the news I read about the attorneys going after the pedophiles and the new one about wbts misrepresentation of medical advice and how this might be worthy of court cases.

    Little by little though, I find this site is not so exciting "for me" as it used to be. At one time I would spend most of a day looking at old posts and copying some of them.

    I still prowled around and read a lot but comment less and less.

    Add to this that I have a wife with terminal cancer now and I will be spending a lot of time taking care of her and going to the weekly chemo schedule. This is almost as dull as going to the kingdumb hall two or three times a week. This pretty much exhausts me and her of course.

    So you will probably see less and less of me. Unless something really fantastic comes to the surface.

    Maybe like Associated Press article= wbts sells out to the Catholic church, the highest bidder.


  • oldflame

    Too much fluff and not enough on the issues.

  • Frog
    I have spoken to a number of people recently who have said they are tired of the board; In honesty though I think the board has its place and its up to us to brighten it up a little.

    I hear you DB :) You're right it's easy to complain about the atmposphere of the board changing, too much fluff, too clicky, people too quick to take offense etc., rather than to actually contribute what you feel might be lacking or seems to have been lost in recent months. I'll try and make more of an effort. frog x.

  • LittleToe

    People come and people go. This place was always intended to be a waystop en route to humanity.

    New newbies arrive daily, with fresh excitement. Some of us oldies hang around throwing in our 2p, chastising the nutjobs, and encouraging rational and open debate.

    The variety is there, if you care to see it, but it's only expected that it will eventually become dull. Hanging around to help others for more than a year or two is a vocation, not a binding oath!

    The common experience is shackled minds, broken homes, and some level of hurt. This place helps assuage some of that by providing a community for as long as you want it and a bunch of people who actually do know where you're coming from. Some care, some care less. Call it a waystop, call it home, call it!

    Meanwhile the board has peaks and troughs like life in general. Busy / Slow, Fluff / Real Debate, it's all part of the heartbeat.

    Don't overthink it, just enjoy it for what it is and continues to evolve to be

  • jgnat

    Amen, Little Toe. I stopped being entertained six months after joining. That wasn't the board's fault, it was a change in my state of mind. My initial need had been satisifed.

    I stay to contribute.

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