Who Wants to Write a #4 talk?

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  • BluesBrother

    Ballistic, how about a reference in context to something like "Any Jehovah's Witness Discussion would certainly feature......etc"

    Btw great material from that article on their website. If you have no set scriptures you could use Psalm 11.5 "Anyone loving violence His [Jehovahs] soul certainly hates."

    or Ps 5.6 "A man of bloodshed and deception Jehovah detests"

    Anybody wonder why they gave that talk to you?

  • Dune

    I did that talk in the fall of 2005. If i find it, i'll post it here when i get home.

    But i introduced the talk with grand theft auto (for the "shock" factor). Then you have to go on about how god hates anyone that loves violence.

    The thing that i remember the most is the ending.

    "So friends, whether the game takes place in the past, present or future, we'd be mindful to avoid violent videogames:

  • sir82

    Oops, maybe it wasn't Psalm 91...I do seem to remember "verse 5" correctly though! Don't have a Bible handy here.

    Going by memory...at any rate, the very next verse does talk about destroying evildoers by raining burning sulphur down on them.

    A concordance would yield the right verse, keying on the word "violence".

  • defective light
  • Chimene
    I'd help but i'm busy playing grand theft auto...

    LOL! Is that the one where you can pick up prostitutes? LOL

  • defective light
    defective light

    ANd its in the back school, so it doesn't have to sound perfect.

    I am dumb......What is the "back school"? ........Just curious

  • Jourles

    "Back School" -- aka 2nd School, or the library.

    God, I can't even remember the last talk I gave. It's been a while, that's for sure.

  • Jourles

    Sorry -- Halls with, I don't know, maybe 60 or more pubs would have a 2nd school? Is there a cutoff? Anyone?

  • purplesofa

    What are council point are you working on Ritchie?

    Don't forget that ...........

    one time I was working on gestures and the overseer said ........

    Correct me if I am wrong but I dont think I saw one gesture!!!!

  • jwfacts

    Here is that scripture, it is Ps 11:5,6
    (Psalm 11:5-7) 5 Jehovah himself examines the righteous one as well as the wicked one, And anyone loving violence His soul certainly hates. 6 He will rain down upon the wicked ones traps, fire and sulphur And a scorching wind, as the portion of their cup. 7 For Jehovah is righteous; he does love righteous acts. The upright are the ones that will behold his face.

    verse 6 is great, read it like a evangelical preacher.

    You could mention a few games by name, say it with such passion everyone knows you love playing them. Doom, Wolfenstein 3D or Mortal Kombat, Carmageddon,

    If you read the following description of one of the most violent videos games ever it will take up most of the time. WARNING This is extremely gory.

    The most violent game ever made. In this game you can brutally murder innocent people in a variety of ways. The graphics are outstanding, the people look and behave very realistically, thus only adding to the disturbing morality of this Serial Killer game. You can shoot people, causing lots of blood to squirt out, and the rag doll physics send them flying, breaking every bone in their body as they get twisted up and mangled in a bloody mess. You can kick someone to death over and over, against the wall and smashing against the floor, or throw them into cactus. You can chop their heads off with a shovel and play soccer with the head, swinging the shovel, sending the head and the body bouncing all over the place. The bodies don't fade away either, so you can stack corpses into a huge pile of up to 200. A sledge hammer will smash their head into a bloody explosion of fleshy chunks and brains. A mad cow disease is infecting the population and turning people into zombies and the only way to eliminate them is by blowing thier heads apart with a shotgun. In order to stop the disease you must kill the infected cows by bashing thier heads apart with a sledge hammer, but first you gotta make your way past the tree hugging Hippies by any means possible. You can also use the "PostED" level editor to mod the game and make it even gorier. You can set the pedestrian level to 50 characters on screen at once, giving the body count in the game more of a State Of Emergency feel. You can kill dogs, cats, cows and elephants too, the dogs will tear the cats apart and eat them, you can also shoot a severed, rotting cow head into pieces of bloody carnage. A boomerang machete that you can swing or throw, making it ricochet off walls to leave rooms filled with piles of bloody limbs and severed heads. Or you can use a Grim Reaper style Scythe that can chop off innocent people's legs at the knee caps, chop off their arms at the elbows, decapitate their head, or sever their body in half at the stomach, spilling blood and intestines everywhere, and if enough blood is splattered out, it will drip and pour from the ceiling, it looks very gruesome. You can piss all over people, even into their mouths, or you can shock them with a tazer until they go into twitching convulsions, pissing their own pants. If you piss in a Gay guy's mouth he'll enjoy it. If you piss on a cop's doughnut he'll throw up, allowing a free head disintegration with a shotgun. You can throw the severed cow head at people that leaks Anthrax causing them to vomit blood until they die. You can grab a cat and shove the barrel of your gun up it's asshole and use the cat as a silencer, but after a few shots the cat blows apart into bloody chunks and you gotta get a new one. If you shoot a cat walking it explodes all apart into meaty chunks of bloody carnage. There are even marching parades you can unload on, like a Gay Pride march, a Minority Parade and a Cop Parade, you can set them on fire and empty a clip into the elephants walking behind them, so everybody gets stomped and trampled. One cinema shows live humans being dropped into a blender with blood spraying out. During the Apocalypse it rains cats that hit the ground and explode into bloody chunk upon impact. In the Slaughter House a cow is half-way in a grinder spraying out blood that drips down the wall as the shredded parts of the cow com out of the blender as meat, you can also take a Sledge Hammer and shove it up a cow's asshole. Zombies can only be killed by destroying thier heads, wich results in plenty of carnage. Certain weapons you mix and match, (especially near people standing next to vehicles), can cause the entire body to explode into hundreds of pieces of bloody, meaty carnage. This game has more blood spray, and more blood splattered on the walls and floor then any other game. There is a Slaughter House filled with butchered cows and body parts. If you want to commit suicide, press the "K" key and you ca put a grenade into your mouth saying, "I regret nothing" and blow your whole head apart. The real highlight of this game though, is the fire effects. You can douse victims in gasoline, or create a gas trail leading to the victim and burn them to death, boiling their skin off until they look like horrible zombies with bloody muscle tendons exposed.

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