Were you ever ashamed of another JW?

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  • Think

    On Sunday meeting one warm afternoon, a young, attractive girl walked in the KH.

    Her dress was tight, you can see a lot thru. She was a new convert. Was fun to watch the elders, and MARRIED brothers rushing to shake her hands, HUG her and look at her legs, boobs.... There was a lot of excitement in the air...

  • bigmouth

    I was helping a bro to collect some carpet that he was laying at his new house. When in front of several people described the quality as "shit" and other expletives. Everyone knew the people in this company were witnesses.
    Obviously he remains a valued "brother", even he and his gorgeous wife appeared in a calendar a few years ago.

  • Think


    In replay to your question about the girl exposing her boobs.

    She took OF her blouse and her bra COMPLETELY in front of her Father !

    He was WACHTHING, I was watchning ! Then she walked out of the room TOPLESS.

    She is a normal JW, so her parents. And she is PRUDE ! ( I know about some stories about her wedding night, when she have completely no idea what to do ! )

  • kid-A

    yes i am ashamed at those who left the faith then proceed to treat us like the scum of the earth,i can not believe the posts i have seen recently,you guys are starting to sound like those on yahoo christian chat,check it out you will see what i mean Some simple advice brother ezra....if you dont like it : LEAVE

  • lostlantern

    Lot's of times.

    Once on the typical "McDonald's Break" one of the elders had a cold sore that was bleeding like a PIG. Absolutely disgusting, he just kept eating his mcmuffins, all the while bleeding all over his biscuit and napkin. He then piled his bloody napkins in front of me. I almost threw up. (By the way, why don't JW's disfellowship for gluttony? They should since they do for all other sins.)

    Another time I was the new Pioneer "on the block", I was put in a car group with the oldest and most established pioneer sisters from the hall. When I went to the door one sister would step one stair below me as soon as the householder answered the door. After about the 10th time I was fed up, so when the householder answered the door I immediately stepped 2 steps below her, forcing her to talk. I was ashamed of her behavior for being so childish and lazy but it felt so good to see her face when she was finally face to face and to give here presentation.

  • Think

    The sexpartyTower is going to be closed ! Some brothers don't appreciate the dirt comming out !

    Sex parites in JW Occult ? Pedofiles and perverts ?

    I AM SHOCKED !!! Married brothers f****** young, single sisters ? I am shocked !

    TheOrgiesTower have to be shut down, due to protest of some prude brothers on this site !

  • bonnzo

    once in service, me and partner went to door carrying newspaper that was left on sidewalk to householder. the brother gave him the newspaper and started his sermon. the householder rudely told us he wasnt interested. as we walked away, the brother said to me "see if i bring him his paper again". the paper then hit him in the back of his head. i think the householder heard him.

    have you seen some of the clothes some brothers wear?!? plaid polyester suits from the 1960's, pants too short, ties too skinny/wide, collars 3 inches long on shirts! i dont think some brothers have bought new dress clothes in years. i could tell you about the 300+ pound brother who pulled his pants up so high that his entire "package" wass shoved to the left or right. my 8 year old relative asked me what that was!

  • Frog
    (By the way, why don't JW's disfellowship for gluttony? They should since they do for all other sins.)

    on that note...I approached my bro-inlaw elder re issues my baptised 20y/o cousin was having with an eating disorder. she was in a terrible way with all the crapola of having been raised a black & white elders daugher...my bro-inlaw's only response was that she could get disfellowshipped for glutony, and that's all he said...ars*hole. frog

  • Think

    Here is another holy gem. I was fresh in the "truth". My head was filled with all the holy deeds JW do, and all the morall standards they follow, so they are EXAMPLE TO THE DIRTY WORLD.

    One day I was invited to Elder house. As I walked to the room. He was very busy watching TV movie. He looked ad me briefly, and was consumed with the TV screen.

    I was thinking, that this was impolite, as he was treating me like the air, ignoring me completelly. So, there was question in my mind: what to heck I am doing here ?

    Finaly, I looked at the screen.... .aaa....... and... boy ! I was SHOCKED !

    On the TV screen, there was a half naked woman, with nice breasts galloping on a horse !

    I almost fainted ! How they preach to us about morality, and then watch porno... andd.... like this is normal to be hipocrite ???

    I lost faith for this elder..... and slowly for this fake holy org.

  • purplesofa

    A sister and I went to dinner after an assembly.

    She complained about everything at the meal.

    For dessert she wanted ice-cream........well they did not have ice-cream.

    She asked for the dessert menu............they had no dessert menu, but the waiter could list the items for dessert., she was upset, she wanted a picture of the desserts like they used to have.

    So the waitor brought out on a tray all the different desserts.......she looked at them all and asked about them all.......like she was a dessert critic..

    then says........I dont want any..........

    I looked at her and said after all that you are getting a dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEN,,,,,,,,,,then............then.................she does not want to leave a TIP.

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