Were you ever ashamed of another JW?

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  • JH

    In the field service, I was going door to door with an elder, and he couldn't stop spitting on the ground every now and then....

    Once at a ball park, I saw a 75 year old MS watching a ball game, and he took napkins to wipe his bench because it rained and it was wet, so he wipped his bench and threw all the napkins on the grass instead of walking to the garbage can about 30 feet away...

  • Ellie

    There was thing one sister who just wouldn't take no for an answer, the people would be literally closeing their door and she'd shove the magazines through, it was so embaressing, I hated working with that woman.

  • slugga

    I went with a bunch of brothers, all in our early 20's to a DC in Norwich, we booked into a small B&B that had the host family living in too.

    On the first night there two of the youngest brothers got REALLY drunk and ended up "play" fighting in their room, they smashed a lamp and were banging, screaming and shouting about in their room as they fought. A couple of us went to see what all the noise was about and sorted them out but about 10 minutes later they were running up and down the landing stark naked screaming.

    The B&B owners knew we were witnesses and heard all the commotion but they were really nice the next morning over breakfast and dismissed the whole thing as a bit of fun. We still went away feeling they had given a bad witness.

  • Cellist

    Nearly everytime a group went for coffee break. Especially when more than one group went to the same place.

    There were a few "brothers" and "sisters" who were embarrassing at the doors too. I hated when I got stuck working with them. One older sister I had to correct in front of the householder. She was just too far off the wall.


  • Think

    Yes, many times. One JW was atacking me phisically many times. With others, in ministry, their behavoiur was very improper, they PUSHED their beliefs, and engaged in arguments, and used the speech to belittle the person. The talk was not to win the person, but to push the stupid beliefs.

    I was visiting JW, and we been siting in living room. There was older couple and their doughter in her 20. Suddently, she unzziped her blouse, took of her bra in front of me and her Father, exposing her bare breasts. That was a shock, and I almost fainted.

    Another time, I was invited to dinner by older JW couple. He was elder. She ALWAYS argued with him, about everything, and belittled him. That was very shocking and unpleasant.

    I can recite HUNDREDS times, when I was ashamed of another JW.

    Very Hipocritical Occult.

  • Think

    Let me add here the truth: JW Occult is the most bulls*** hipocrite religion, I ever meet on the Planet.

  • Billygoat

    I think every congregation had a brother or sister that was just incredibly aggressive out in the field. I remember Sister Lau in Hawaii. Tiny, grouchy old Chinese lady that would stick her foot in the door the moment the householder would answer. If they didn't take the rags, she'd say, "You don't read these and you die in Armageddon! You don't want die do you?"

    I couldn't get over how people would just laugh and then praise her for being so zealous in Jehovah's name. Personally, I was horrified and couldn't understand why they felt she was doing good. I thought she was causing more damage to the already tarnished JW reputation.

  • jojochan

    One time at my clinic there was a "sister" That was two faced. At the hall, she gave the impresssion that she was so holy, so righteous. Then I saw her at my clinic...cursing the staff R.N on how they,"Need to learn how to do their fu$%'n job and listen to the godda%n paitents."

    The funny thing was, I was within an earshot of that comment. She did'nt see me.

    The Nurse came up to me and said, "I see why you stopped going."



  • G Money
    G Money

    I got to see the boobs of a Sweedish sister but she was changing and maybe its no big thing but I turned around and wow, got quite a peek and this was outside after a swim!

    Didn't mean to keep the boob thing going.... also I'll try to get a clearer avatar... jejeje

  • james_woods

    Not my usual polite style, but on this one I am going to name the names. Frank Zimmerman was a Cong Overseer in Okla City years ago. He also was the one to call me and tell me I was DFd after I wrote them the exit letter. His son David was my age and we worked in service quite a bit.

    We were going to a door and it is Davids turn. We are pushing the Evolution book. David opens up into the subject of evolution with some lady. I swear this next is what actually went down...

    David: "Did you ever notice that when each particular species of animal dies, that if the carcass lies around and rots, that EACH ONE HAS ITS OWN UNIQUE BAD SMELL?" Then on into some personal experiences. The rest is a blank - we somehow got out of there. I still do not know to this day if he was just trying to razz me or was actually serious. Sadly, I kind of think he was serious, thinking he had discovered a new secret of creationist biology.

    Back in car:

    James: "David, if you ever do that to me again, I am going to KickYourA$$" Somehow we stayed friends and even laughed about it later.

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