Hello everyone

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  • jgnat

    Welcome, zerimar and clovis.

    I hear you, clovis. The worst is that this is the year of NO COLLEGE. A whole new generation of JW kids will have to choose technical school or to strike out on their own without family. Absolutely irresponsible of the society.

    Can you strike up an informal relationship with this boy, take him to laser tag once a month or something? He'll need trusted adults around him. I don't think you want to say too much, don't want him to get in to trouble. Just give him a place to BREATHE a bit.

  • AuldSoul

    alt I think you will find you have much in common with a lot of people here. No need to rush and feel free to throw your opinions into the shark tank for consumption. Also, don't feel badly if someone spits your opinion out.


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