Do you like wearing jewellery and expensive rings & watches?

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  • Elsewhere

    I don't attach anything to my body that is hard. Rings, watches with metal bands, etc... The reason is because I have, I guess a phobia, that it will get caught on something. I can't stand the thought of a ring on my finger because I keep thinking it will get snagged on something and rip my finger off... the same with a metal watch band that might rip my hand off at the wrist.

  • Beachbender

    Elsewhere! wow! those are scary thoughts!

    I wear just what has been bought for me through the years by my hubby, and my son & close friends. Usually wedding band, along with a diamond anniversary band together. Then my braclets ( 3 ), stud earrings depending on the outting, and outfit! No necklaces, and I have a very nice *dress* gold w/ a diamond Seiko watch that I love from my hubby too. Oh and I have a very nice gold anklet I wear too.

  • kls

    Don't know . Never had any to know if i would like wearing them or not

  • serendipity

    I've never had anything expensive. Because I work in a conservative, professional environment anything I wear looks classy or somewhat unusual.

    I like earrings, but keep them fairly cheap, seldom over $20 for a pair. My watches are less than $100, but I don't wear one anymore. I'm not crazy about rings and never wear them. If I ever get married, a simple gold band will do it for me.

    The only thing I really want is a strand of real pearls.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    The only nice thing I wear is my guitar. Seriously, my main guitar probably cost more than all of my other clothing put together.

  • Leolaia

    The only thing I ever wear is my earrings....

  • Country_Woman

    I do have a lot of jewelry (in stead of going on holydays, I normally bought something I like).

    Yet I only wear the same rings - heavily damaged (i never put them off)

    the 2 at the left side on my right hand and the others at my left hand.Top left is tourmaline, bottom left- topaz, top-right: ruby's-brilliants / diamonds (bolshevik cut) / sapphires-brilliants; bottom-left: ruby's / sapphires / brilliants.all in the gold except the topaz: that one is silver with gold.

    I am always wearing the same necklage - sometimes under my clothes and the same earrings (easier to sleep with) I've a number of watches (some expensive) which I most of the time exchange for another one when the battery is low....

  • misspeaches

    I wear white gold or silver jewellery but very little of it. I have a chain and heart pendant that I wear on special occasions and 2 rings. I have earrings but they are all costume jewellery – nothing fancy there.

    One of my rings is a claddagh ring. (Irish) and I love it! Here’s sort of what it looks like:

  • whyamihere

    Depends on what I am wearing.

    I mix it up a bit. I don't like to wear my wedding ring though. Don't want to loose it(may pay for a boob job one day).


  • IMustBreakAway

    Feel nekid without my watch. It's just a 60$ fossil though. Gift from a friend. I like the expensive looking watches. (esp really complicated ones.) But i would probably break it.

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