A question for my atheist friends.

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  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    I can certainly understand why many turn atheist but what would you tell your 5 year old daughter who was conscience but dying on a hospital bed looking into your eyes? Would you be inclined to give her some hope of a better place even though you didnt believe it yourself? Thanks in advance!

  • KW13

    I am not atheist but i know for sure she would be scared. I'd Give her some hope that one day you will meet again whether or not its true. That will help her at least rest her mind some. So young and such a short life.

  • Scully

    If she were dying, she would probably be in pain. So I would comfort her by telling her that her pain would soon be finished. She would probably be scared, but I'd tell her that death is like going to sleep. I'd tell her that I would never forget her, ever. That she will always be in my heart. That I wish it were me instead of her. That no matter where I live, I will always keep a garden for her full of sunflowers and daisies. That nobody is ever going to take her place.

  • freedomlover

    that was awesome Scully. beautiful.

    I have thought of this question because I have very inquistive kids and I wonder what I will say when they ask those questions of me. thanks for some more wonderful suggestions....

  • kid-A

    Since I believe death is just eternal, dreamless unconsciousness, then I would simply explain that death IS a better place. Eternal freedom from suffering, stress, pain, loss, worry, hunger, thirst, etc.

    As for immortality, if we remember them, they are never really gone.

  • slugga

    I'd lie and tell her shes going to be fine. No point in ruining the last moments of her life scaring her.

  • proplog2

    While lying as a policy is bad - sometimes its a good strategy.

    I still console elderly JW's by telling them the end is very near. Of course it is...

    We will all get "IT" in "THE END".

  • stevenyc

    PanikAttack, there is something in your questioning that has made me pretty angry. I am trying not to jump to conclusions, but your style in the question sends, to me anyway, an underlying statement the as an atheist, we would be cruel to dieing children. Could you write what your thoughts are on the question posed.


  • DanTheMan

    I'll never have kids for fear of such a scenario ever happening...

  • upside/down

    Why the necessity for that topic at all?

    Why not just reassure them of what's real and tangible... your unending love for them! Relive the happy moments you did share and talk about beautiful and pleasant things that children LOVE. Children have wonderful imaginations and don't rely on logic as much as stuffy adults do. They will believe almost anything you tell them...because they trust and love you. Use that to make them comfortable...as it will be over soon.

    Sadly... we will all end up wherever "it" is that we're all going... whether we like it or not.

    u/d(of the if I lost a child I'd just snap class)

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