What is the time limit to eat a found dead animal and not be punished?

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  • Joe Witless
    Joe Witless

    I used to hunt and sometimes it may take a few hours to find your deer. Just making a point of what happens when you try to control people in a legalistic approach, you get all these crazy laws. Also I don't want people thinking I'm a roadkill eating redneck.

  • peacefulpete

    There are 3 places in the OT where this prohibition appears. Each was written by a separate author. If you are familiar with the Documentary Hypothesis you may understand why.

    First Ex. 22:31 (JE) prohibits eating found dead animals but makes no association with a prohibition of eating blood. He in fact specifies it be given to their dogs to eat.

    Lev 17:15 (P) abruptly inserts the prohibition within a discussion of the blood prohibition seeemingly connecting the two prohibitions. He also forbids foreigners in the land from eating blood.(17:12) At 7:24 a dead animal may be used but not eaten. 22:8 repeats the prohibition against eating without any association with blood.

    Deut. 14:21 (D) repeats JE without associating the dead animal prohibition with the blood prohibition. He specifically says dead animals can be sold as food to foreigners.

    I am suspect that the dead animal prohibition in Lev 17 was relocated at some point perhaps it was accidentally repeated from 22:8 or deliberately done by copyist who felt the need for a justification for the prohibition. There does not seem to be any evidence JE or D felt that the blood in the flesh was the issue. They likely had cultic normalcies/conventions that made eating without killing feel inappropriate. Buddhists for example forbid the eating of found dead animals for ceremonial reasons rather than health or out of a concern about eating blood.

  • Clam

    Welcome Joe.

    On top of the other health advice you've received, also make sure you don't go hunting near Dick Cheney.

  • Woodsman

    I have animals in my freezer for months before I eat them. Guess God didn't know about freezers.

  • just2sheep

    dead animals...roadkill...around here we call that bar-b-q...


    I think the 10 second rule should apply here the same as it does for kids dropping their candy on the floor. You have to pick it up within 10 seconds of finding it!


  • LuckyNun
    Mcdonalds gets their meat from animals that have been dead for up to 3 days w/out being processed..Yet,I see lots of JWs there getting lunch..Maybe they didnt read "FASTFOOD NATION"?

    oh, I read that book! that on top of the documentary about that guy who ate it for a month staright...I haven't been back since. as far as finding a dead animal...I'd bury it for fertilizer and then grow some plants on top of it. now, if I saw it die and was able to run over and pick it up...free squirrel steak!

  • greendawn

    Eating dead animals like that may be very risky because they may have died of a disease that can also infect humans. Apart from that, this command like so many others in Judaismn may have a mystrical meaning, whatever a dead but non slaughtered animal means.

  • FairMind

    God will punish you with food poisoning if you aren’t careful about what you eat.

  • Tigerman

    Skin 'em, bone' em, grill' em . . . takes about 30 seconds; feed the ol' lady and she'll leave you alone.

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