What is the time limit to eat a found dead animal and not be punished?

by Joe Witless 23 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The passage is about baptism

    Their god is their belly

  • daniel-p

    I'd like to know who the hell would come across a dead animal somewhere and say "that looks mighty tasty!"

  • delilah

    I have heard about people eating roadkill --- not dead animals found by the road, but a deer they hit with their car.

    Simplesally, in Northern Ontario, it used to be law, that if anyone hit a deer, the native Indians from the local reserve had first dibs on the animal....I'm not sure if it still stands, but they can have it. I don't like bruised meat, thanx.

  • toreador

    I got permission from a game warden to keep an animal that had been hit by a truck but was still alive when I came across it. I killed it and was going to eat it but the meat was terribly bruised. I tried eating some that didnt seem to be bruised but it still had an off taste. I ended up feeding it to the dogs.


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