What is the time limit to eat a found dead animal and not be punished?

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  • Joe Witless
    Joe Witless

    ( Le 17:15,16 ) As for any soul that eats a body (already) dead

    or something torn by a wild beast , whether a native or an

    alien resident , he must in that case wash his garments and

    bathe in water and be unclean until the evening ;

    and he must be clean .

    But if he will not wash them and will not bathe his flesh ,

    he must then answer for his error.

    *** w83 4/15 31 Questions From Readers ***
    So, no worshiper of God could eat blood, whether from (or in the flesh of) an animal that had died of itself or from one that was killed by man. " Yes, God acknowledged that an Israelite might err inadvertently. Hence, Leviticus 17:15 can be understood as providing for such an error. For example, if an Israelite ate meat served him and then learned that it was unbled, he was guilty of sin. But because it was inadvertent he could take steps to become clean. This, however, is noteworthy: If he would not take those steps, "he must then answer for his error."-Leviticus 17:16.

    nwt says : he must then answer for his error .

    niv : says he will be held responsible .

    Saying error works great for the wt, that way they can treat

    this issue like an Israelite going to Arbys and ordering a roast beef

    sandwich only to find out later it was from a cow that was

    found dead . All he has to do is go home take a shower

    and throw his clothes in the wash and he's all good the next day.

    But what if he only finds out the sandwich was from an already

    dead cow when he reads about it in the paper the next day, then what?

    I think the Israelites would have ate found dead animals

    all the time .If you had a nation living in the widerness

    I'm sure food was scarce .

    With all the flocks of sheep and goats and herds of

    cows . I'm sure there were plenty of times jews woke up

    in the morning and found old betsy dead .

    Saying "be held responsible" to me says: yeah go ahead and

    eat the cow, sheep or goat, but don't take it too lightly because of:

    the touching of dead things law, and the proper draining of

    blood laws and the sanctity of life symbolized by the blood.

    But to throw it away would be a big waste.

    and we know Jews are not a wasteful people.

    Also what about the guy serving the bad meat what happens to him?

    What if he eats the meat?

    Oh yeah he's just working the counter at Arbys how could

    he know it was bad meat.

    Another thought: most hunters find there animals already dead,

    sometimes the next day. If its cold the meat is still good, not as good, but

    it's still good. I know of witnesses where this would be acceptable to do.

    I wonder if the watchtower has a time limit for the animal to be dead ?

  • garybuss

    Witness people only apply Kosher diet laws to medical treatment, not Kosher diets and rituals. I'm not aware of one single Witness that follows Kosher laws and keeps a Kosher kitchen.

  • Joe Witless
    Joe Witless

    gary I don't understand why they don't have kosher food requirements when it comes

    to blood. But why would I understand .

    Boy I'm new at this I posted this topic in the wrong category.

    More a reader than a writer.

  • garybuss

    Why would you understand Joe? Witness use of Jewish Kosher diet laws applied to modern medical treatment but NOT to cooking and food, is a mystery to me too.

    Don't worry about the location of your post. I found it because it came to the top of the "active topics" page I use. Thanks for posting!

  • aquagirl

    Mcdonalds gets their meat from animals that have been dead for up to 3 days w/out being processed..Yet,I see lots of JWs there getting lunch..Maybe they didnt read "FASTFOOD NATION"?

  • kid-A

    I think Im gonna puke! LOL

  • simplesally

    McDonald's may get their meat from an animal dead up to 3 days, but they are the ones that killed it .......... I think one would not want to eat an animal that was already dead when you came upon it.

    I have heard about people eating roadkill --- not dead animals found by the road, but a deer they hit with their car.

  • serendipity

    Hi joe,

    Welcome to the forum!

  • DaveNwisconsin

    Eating road kill will give you the Coliwobbles. Get your stuff at the store like normal people do.

  • MerryMagdalene

    LOL I met a guy once whose nickname was Roadkill. He was known for eating found dead animals on or by the road. But I don't think he was Jewish or Witnish. He offered me some roasted owl-heart but I declined... And WELCOME btw


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