C.O / D.O leaving the `truth`???

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  • jambon1

    This is probobly a long shot & I doubt it`s happened but does anyone know if any Circuit Overseers or District Overseers have ever left. If so, in what circumstances ?

  • TheListener

    I know of two COs that left the truth.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I know of one younger C.O. that was DF'd .I don't know if he ever returned.


    I knew a CO with BO but he DA'd PDQ before he got DF'd by the FDS. TTFA


  • skyman

    I forget the guy's name but he was the C.O. of Oregon congregations during Tacoma Gate Scandal. He quit because of the Scandal. I can not believe I forgot him and his wife's name.

  • Saoirse

    Here's the biography of one CO that left.


  • Sheri

    Skyman, what was the Tacoma Gate scandale?


  • Rooster

    What was Raymond Franz?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Raymond Franz Author of Crisis of Conscience (CoC) and In Search of Christian Freedom (ISOCF) was on the GB before they found a way to get him out.

    Leonard Chretien and his wife Marjorie were in the district work at some time before they left. They wrote a book together called Witnesses of Jehovah. He was a Do when I lived in Quebec.

    He has also collaborated on a book with Edmund Gruss: Jehovah's Witnesses-- Their monumant to false prophesy.

  • james_woods

    I had posted this before on another subject, but we actually had a C.O. who was disfellowshipped while he was at our congregation about halfway into our "VISIT". He told us he had to go back to his old circuit for a "committee matter". He did not tell us it was about him and a single pioneer sister who missed him too much and told all.

    I am also pretty sure that I knew a special pioneer couple who got promoted into a circuit way back in the boonies and wife could not take it. Rumor has it they went back to california and faded out.

    Also, don't know if others realized that Marion Dunlap (Ed's brother) was a substitute C.O. for a long while and took various circuits for the regular C.O. when they were sick or needed leave time. He was also City Overseer in OKC for a time. Of course, he quit along with Ray Franz, his brother Ed, and myself and a bunch of others back in 1981.

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