Three Questions.... measure your healing.

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  • Gretchen956
    • How many years have you been out of the organization?
    • On a scale of 1-10, ten being completely free of the pain, one being raw and still hurting with intensity, How much healing have you accomplished since leaving?
    • Related to number 2 - how much of your mind have you recaptured? How often do your decisions still bring Watchtower theology into play when making them?

    1. Almost 15 years

    2. Its like an onion we keep peeling back those layers, each time we do we think we're completely over it. Then something new will come up and catch you unawares years later. Still I think about a 9 after all this time. The layers get fewer and MUCH farther between over time.

    3. I'd say all of it. I never think of WT theology. Maybe if I was a christian it might be more confusing. But I'm not so thinking in those terms would be sort of foreign.

    Good topic.


  • sass_my_frass

    Let's say;

    - out a year

    - 50% free of the pain

    - 90% free of the thought control.

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