How Would You Classify Your JW Family?

by minimus 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • theredhead

    Yup, that is my family, they would find some way to still prove that it was the 'truth'

  • Wild_Thing

    I would whole-heartedly classify my family as completely nuts! They have a tendency to be strict die-hards, too.

    The other day my JW sister (whose husband is an elder) was saying that she wanted to join a gym. I told her she would like the YMCA where I go. Then I asked, so what's the rule on that? Are witnesses still not allowed to join the YMCA? She said, "Oh, I don't know. We're liberal Jehovah's Witnesses, anyway. It probably wouldn't bother me to join." I wanted to laugh my freaking ass off! My family liberal???? Compared to what??????

    She complained to me one time about them visiting another congregation and how all the brothers wore white shirts with their suits, but at their congregation the brothers wear pastel colored shirts a lot! Oooooh! Now that's liberal!

  • CountryGuy

    My family is completely nuts! But, all of them, except one cousin, have been DF'd, DA'd, or quietly faded, thank goodness! He doesn't talk to any of us anymore, hmmm... not really seeing the down side here...


  • curlygirl

    Well, my father in law still believes that rape is fornication. Sooooo yeah, he's a nut.



    Combination of "strict die-hards" and "nutty". Most are elders, pioneers, or MS's and even a CO (he's an idiot).

  • delilah

    Mother, has always believed in the "living forever" theory, but forever comes up with excuses as to why she can't make it this meeting or that...

    her parents....die hard JW's, but have NEVER looked down upon family who've left, been DF'd, or DA'd...

    her siblings....ridiculously the point where they are STUPID...

    Father has always been wishy-washy, never really strong...believes mother can pull him through the great war...

    Brother#1...always there for a meeting or two when he can...thinks he's the greatest Christian to grace the kingdom hall, and our family...his wife rules his roost.

    Brother#2....was an MS for a few years, then saw through the bullsh#t, and DA'd himself

    Me....faded a few years ago....will never go back to that nonsence.

  • minimus

    What a bunch of contradictions!

  • defective light
    defective light

    Comfortabilty Dysfunctional…….

  • minimus

    "Defective light"......i like it!

  • Think

    Most of my Family Sincerely believe that they are in true religion, that they are doing God's will.

    They are completely braiwashed. I love them, and I feel sorry for them. JWCult is Extremely Succesful in manipulating the truth, brainwashing and mind control.

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