How Would You Classify Your JW Family?

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  • Saoirse

    Mom - Die-hard and very nutty

    Brother - Die-hard and a little bit nutty

    Aunts - Very nutty

    Cousins - Most are liberal and a couple are die-hards

    FIL - Die-hard

    MIL - Liberal

    BIL - Bipolar - Sometimes liberal and sometimes die-hard. It depends on who he's talking to at the moment.

  • daystar

    Father - Was quite a humble believer. Now he has started to become a serious doubter.

    Mother - Only a believer insomuch as it suits her needs for a structure to control her environment (other people). When it challenges things she really wants to do (eg. watch soap operas for hours a day, gossip constantly, be verbally abusive to family members, etc.), indignant stubbornness ensues.

    Sister - She has awakened, but is still just a tad little bit on the outskirts. Her family still has concerns about JWs stopping by and seeing holiday decorations.

    Aunt - Freaky ex-pioneer (??). Rumored to perhaps also be a closet lesbian.

    Cousin - Paranoid schitzophrenic. Perhaps coincidence, but symptoms began to show while he and his mother began first studying.

  • ferret


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