How Would You Classify Your JW Family?

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Personally I've always been a slacker, with independant thoughts . Husband is a social follower, believes it is the truth, but that he just doesn't have what it takes to be perfect.Our children range from does not give a damn to very active. In-laws are die hard. Other relatives are closet liberals and opinionated snobs.

  • KW13

    Mum and stepdad.

    i see them as mislead people, i see the picture, the artist, the details...they see the picture.

  • 95stormfront

    Wife.....Being slowly drawn back in. Convinced that she'll see her now dead JW grandma again in the "noo system".

    FIL.......diehard dub removed as an elder some time ago for reasons both he and his wife will not discuss. Former pioneer.

    MIL......True believer, but fabricates every excuse in the book to not go to meetings or conventions.

    One BIL.....knows its a bunch of bullshit as he described himself in confidence to me as DA'd. Lives a lie life for the sake of his wife and daughter who're in deep.

    Cousin...baptised, but I think realized it was a farce...I guess. Saw her smoking at a funeral. Last I heard she ws practicing Islam. Can you say out of the frying pan into the fire!!!!

    Other in-laws run the spectrum between die-hard and apathetic until anything is presented that sheds a negative light on the WT. They then circle the wagons and turn into viscious killer pit bulls ready to tear your head off.

  • Thegoodgirl

    Mom: diehard, and a bit nutty, total time in fs/studying/meeting/prayers averages about 3-4 hours per day

    Sister: normal, JW, I thank the good Lord for her sanity

    Other sister: Disfellowshipped, but still beleives at some level, though she hates them

    Dad: never been in, hates them

    Me: faded (the disappearing act x 6 years now), I hate the Society, and some of them who shun my sister.

  • Mary

    Father: believes it's 'the troof', even though he's been royally screwed over by the Borg because he was told at the age of 19 not to pay into his company's pension plan.

    Mother: believes it's 'the troof' but doesn't really care that much about religion. No way would either of them ever stop talking to their kids.

    Two older sisters: both pretty much into the religion simply because it gives them great social lives. My one sister in particular does not believe that Jesus returned in 1914, but she enjoys having social prominence within the congregation, so she simply bites the bullet, never misses a meeting and gets her 16 hours of scurvice in each month.

    Another sister left years ago. Sort of thought it was still 'the troof' until I informed her of JWD and all the stuff we've uncovered. She's glad she left when she did.

    Two brothers both left years ago too.........felt the religion was too restrictive. They still sort of thought it was 'de troof' until I also told them about JWD.

    One cousin's in........never see her but I think she's fairly dedicated.........have an uncle who left 30 years ago and never fails to say "..I hate those bastards!" at every opportunity. A couple of years ago, the summer assembly was being held in the city where he lives. He pulled up to a stop light were some Dubs were standing and yelled out his car window "Religion is a snare and a racket!!" and drove off. LOL!!

  • theredhead

    Out of my HUGE family, there are only two JWs and they both are DIEHARD!! They are by the book! its kind of funny that now I am married, they always ask my hubbys advice on things and not mine. my grandma is so diehard that she will not let my aunt go to college to better her career and my aunt is so diehard she is the one who now barely talks to me and talks to my hubby as if I am not there,even if its a question about me! lol

  • serendipity

    I have one aunt who is diehard, former pioneer and accepts everything almost without question.

    Most of the others go along with the program, but voice some of their concerns, will criticize the elders and some things in the publications. Some even exercise independent thinking and speculate on alternate interpretations of Daniel.

    A few cousins go to meetings and believe it's "the truth", but don't go in service and won't say why.

    My mother is inactive and seldom makes meetings.

    My sister was never baptized and only goes to the Memorial.

    I attend 2 or 3 meetings a month and I'm technically active but weak (and probably marked).

    Most of the JW women in my family are on anti-depressants/anxiety meds except for us slackers (Mom, my sister and me).

  • Gretchen956

    Mine are nutty fanatical.


  • minimus

    I see a lot of "weak" Jehovah's Witnesses out there.


    STRICT DIEHARDS WHO ARE WILLINGLY IGNORANT!!! They wouldn't change if they knew it was wrong. Their pride would cover for all the lies.

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