How Would You Classify Your JW Family?

by minimus 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Are they liberal minded? Strict diehards? Nutty? What???????

  • Nina

    As persons entitled to their privacy.

    Ask about me and I may provide information.

    Ask about them and see a stone wall.


  • Highlander

    All of the above. As I have about 100 family members that are witnesses, therefore I have a nice mix of nuts, flakes, diehards, liberals and faders.

    Of my immediate family,, my mom is diehard, brother is diehard, sister is 'weak', dad is inactive, and myself a fader, though I've done it so quietly that everyone thinks

    it's status quo for me.

  • greendawn

    They are liberal and stay in the JWs not because they really care about the WTS but because for them it is a good social club where they have good friends. They don't mind paying the price of giving time for the JW meetings and fs. But they certainly wouldn't object to blood for their children if they should need it.

  • minimus

    I have an aunt that thinks everyone is "demonized". a brother and SIL that bitch about how unfair the elders are but we gotta wait on Jehovah til we die and a mom who struggles with *knowing* that not everything in Watchtowerland is what it's supposed to be after all.

  • mrsjones5

    Liberal and kinda nutty

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    Dad-Not a dub

    Mom-Nutty diehard

    Sister one-See above

    Sister two-Disfellowshipped (She believed while she was in, but was very liberal)

    Brother-Sane diehard (If you take away the religious aspect, he's a normal person...but he firmly believes it's the truth)

    then there's me

    luv, jojo

  • undercover

    Depends on which family member...

    My parents are fairly strict. They always refer to what the WTS has to say about a subject before deciding what to do or believe. I will give them credit for rarely ever running to elders for advice. They're bright people, just fooled into thinking that the WTS is the final word on everything. They make up their minds based on publications, not what elders say. In the rare instance where an elder questions something, they usually stand up to the elder and tell him to refer to the article that they have based their thought or decision on. The elders usually back down.

    My brother is a hypocrite. Goes to all the meetings, service, assemblies. He goes about his WT chores without complaint or problem and he's well liked by the elders, but away from the hall and the JWs he's no more a JW than most anyone on this board. I've got some good dirt on him. Likewise, I'm sure he thinks he's got good dirt on me as we were together during some of these occassions. What he hasn't realized is, I don't give a shit. I'm not afraid of the elders or other JWs anymore. I don't care what they think or do. His leverage against me is minimal. Lucky for him I don't want to get him trouble. I'd like to see him escape the WT world. I'd like to think that by his actions he's secretly checking out from the religion but then he'll put on some show in front of other JW family or elders to show just how righteous he is.

    The rest of the extended family I tend to not see too much, but they vary anywhere from ultra-strict to ultra-liberal with a few nuts thrown in for good measure.

  • minimus

    But we still love 'em, don't we????

  • Apostanator

    They Must Obey..........They Will Obey.........They Are Robots, to This Day.....All Hail Watchtower!!!! The Mighty Entity we gave our Power .

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