Something significant changed in the WTS in 1984... but what was it???

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  • Oroborus21

    running man probably right about the 15 minute change but that was for pioneers -but still probably had effect on reg pubs too (not sure if the chart includes all JWs or just pubs)

    I would probably add too that there might have been some growth going into 2000 just due to millennium change and even maybe Y2K fears (remember that)

    Interesting extrapolation Stillajwelder - that is just about when the world will come to an end or beginning or both according to some who view 12-21-12 as being significant.


  • jws
    I believe 1984 was declared the "Year of Peace" by the United Nations. There was talk amongst the DUBs that this was surely the sign they had been waiting for:

    When they call out "peace and security"....blah blah blah....I'm not sure if this idea was actively promoted by the borg or just at the local level. Just a theory.....

    I remember hearing the "year of peace" thing from the platform on the last day of the district assembly. Everyone was abuzz. "The Governing Body must know something...." Ha! Ha! How foolish it all sounds now.

    I agree with others too. Everyone was thinking of the "lifespan" being 70 years. 1984 was 70 years from 1914. That together with the "Year of Peace" had to mean something. Kinda like a 1975. What you expected didn't come. 1985 is when my decline started.

  • Finally-Free
    Something significant changed in the WTS in 1984... but what was it???

    I got baptized.

    Seriously though, in 1984 and 1985 my congregation had 45 and 47 auxiliary pioneers™ respectively. The hall was doing well financially. Everyone was friendly. But the following year everything in the hall took a major nose dive, and that's how it remains to this day. Financial deficits almost every month, people stopped getting together socially, field service™ hours dropped, and many pioneers™ quit.

    Maybe it was my positive influence.


  • flyphisher
    Something significant changed in the WTS in 1984... but what was it???

    Easy to grasp. Since 20 years, the CHART rules, and not the chance. They began to manipulate the things, so that the chart always shows small increases. A sort of "TIMING" began... Plainly said: since mid-eighties, the policy of the WTBS is targeting to keep a minimum increase even under worst cases.

  • yaddayadda

    It's just a law of large numbers, as mentioned. As the volume (aggregate) increases and the annual % growth is more or less the same each year, the spikes will flatten out and give the appearance of stabilising. Imagine a ball of mud and pebbles growing as it rolls down a slope. Initially each new pebble or clump of earth that attaches to the ball will cause it to wobble and bump, but as the ball gradually increases in size the effects of each new addition to its mass become less and less, giving it more 'stability'.

  • Oroborus21

    Nicely said Yaddayadda. that was what I was tryng to say in the other thread regarding the chart. I really don't think there are going to be any big percentage jumps anymore but there may be big percentage losses...-ed

  • proplog2

    The main thing is that the Watchtower organization really believed the increases of the early 1950'S were going to continue. They presumptuously thought that it was a sign of God's favor. Statisticians surely would not be impressed. If the increases of the 1950's would have been sustained there would be about 60,000,000 JW's by now. That would be about 1 in every 60 people on earth. That would be impressive!!! Alas. It didn't happen. But the counting continues.

  • not in not out
    not in not out

    in 1975 a lot of people came in with young children now these children are getting the swim by 1984 at the age of 10 to 14 years old that is my theory

  • Gerard

    The current 2% anual growth is still too high. Even zero growth is bad. Being that this is a destructive cult, I'd like to see negative growth. And we're getting there!!!!

  • KW13

    Note the growth near 2001...September 11th came and went...and so did the people.

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