Something significant changed in the WTS in 1984... but what was it???

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  • Forscher

    In 1985, they started using the new baptismal vows at the assemblies. While that wouldn't seem to be earthshattering, one has to wonder if some folks listen to those vows at the assemblies before they get to the point of making the committment themselves and start questioning the propriety of making a vow to an organization. Its a thought since that is the only thing I can think of that happened around that time.

  • greendawn

    With the passing of 70 years since 1914, people could realise that the generation thing was a con and less and less would believe that the paradise was very near a major enticement in the WTS package.

  • RunningMan

    The small spike after 2001 was likely the implementation of the 15 minute rule. It would have increased the headcount by 1-2%, on a one-time basis.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    If I were analyzing this chart as a stock, I would say "DO NOT BUY". Although there have been some upward fluctuations, the overall 'trend' is down. Even the 'flat line' you mention is in a downward movement. The 'buying public' is not buying the product any longer. SELL!


  • Cellist

    We were studying to be baptised in 1982. One thing that I noticed is that the fallout from the "Ray Franz" purges had settled down by then.


  • ocsrf
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    I believe 1984 was declared the "Year of Peace" by the United Nations. There was talk amongst the DUBs that this was surely the sign they had been waiting for:

    When they call out "peace and security"....blah blah blah....I'm not sure if this idea was actively promoted by the borg or just at the local level. Just a theory.....

    Yes, This peace and security was huge around that time. I can't point to any spefic article, but I remember everyon talking about it and I know that this had its place on the platform in all the meetings, so yes the society either directly or indirectly was promoting that this indicated that things were very close...we all got very excited about this. But, as usual JWs were disappointed once again, than when the meaning for "generation" got changed that was just about all that some of us could take. But I am noticing that there are still many young couples who do not have children and seem to be waiting just like in the old days, and they seem to be buying into the new "we are deep into the time of the end" saying. Goes to show, that the organization can continue to put a new spin on the same old story and they will always find those who will want to buy into it.


  • jaffacake
    In 1985, they started using the new baptismal vows

    This was the first thing I thought of, but although it was a major change (removing the Holy Spirit, contrary to scripture) I'd be surprised if many JWs actually noticed it.

  • Terry
  • Terry
    Shortly, that body [The UN] is to proclaim 1986 as the International Year of Peace

    July 1, 1985 Watchtower p. 24 par. 4 Triumphing in "the Final Part of the Days"

    Close but, that happened in 1986.

    The final part of the final part of the really truly tail end of the FINAL part of final days......maybe.


  • joelbear

    its basically following the same trend line as any new product introduction.

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