What book are you reading now?

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  • DanTheMan

    I just finished The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath a couple of weeks ago. This was my second time throught it, it has become one of my favorites.

    Right now I'm working on The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, and a Nietszche biography.

    ** Oh no, I just surfed over to Amazon to see what the reviews were like for The Reader, and I see it is an Oprah's book club selection! NOOO!!!!!! I'll have to don a disguise and return it to the library after dark, using the return slot.

  • Mulan
    The Constant Princess, by Phillippa Gregory. It's about the life of Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife. She is the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain............that was news to me.
    That sounds like a good read also! It sorta reminds me of an old clasic I read years ago and highly recommend if you like that sorta historic romantic novel type of book. It's Confessions of a Queen, by Victoria Holt. Good read!

    I read all of her books years and years ago. Remind me what that one is about?

  • jgnat

    "On Becoming a Novelist" by John Gardener. Friends and acquaintances, beware! You have now become a rich source for "material".

  • WildHorses
    DaVinci Code wasn't that terribly interesting to me but I sloshed thorough it.

    Maybe I'll borrow it from somone instead. As I was searching for it at Amazon, I came across another of Dan Browns books and read the few pages they post online for his book 'Angels and Demons'. Looks interesting. I saw it at Wal Mart the other day and may buy that instead.

    You'l love Memoirs of A Geisha. I've heard the book is better than the movie, although I haven't seen the movie myself.

    I hadn't sat and read a book in years, but now I have the bug.

  • Super_Becka
    The Constant Princess, by Phillippa Gregory.

    Mulan, if you like Phillippa Gregory, try "The Other Boleyn", it's about Anne Boleyn's sister, another one of Henry VIII's mistresses.

    And to the poster who likes James Patterson - try "The Jester", it's awesome!!

    I'm currently reading "Ornamentalism: How The British Saw Their Empire", by David Cannadine, it's for my British history course, and I recently read "Captives: Britain, Empire and the World, 1600-1850" by Cannadine's wife, Linda Colley, for the same course.

    On the side, I'm rereading Orwell's "1984", and I'm gonna start reading "The Skystone" by Jack Whyte very shortly, and I'm also waiting to read "Downsize This!... and Other Random Threats From An Unarmed American" by Michael Moore (yeah, I'm a Michael Moore fan, I've read his other books and I love his documentaries, so sue me) and S.E. Hinton's newest, "Hawkes Harbor".

    -Becka :)

  • dorayakii

    Actively reading:

    The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - by Haruki Murakami (I planned to read Murakami's 'Kafka on the Shore', but was recommended to read this one first)

    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - by Douglas Adams

    Akane-chan no namida no umi ("Akane's ocean of tears") - by Matsutami Miyoko (Still tackling this Japanese children's mini-novel and determined to finish it)

    Unfortunately the following are still on the shelf with bookmarks:

    Vernon God Little - by DBC Pierre (Found it a little overwhelming and headache-inducing, due to extensive use of Texan slang)

    Northern Lights (His Dark Materials book 1) - by Philip Pullman (I just cannot get into this one)

    Small Island - by Andrea Levy (Very much want to read this, but will start it again once I've cleared the itinerary of other books)

  • nowisee

    essentials of the Christian faith by r.c. sproul

  • stillAwitness

    To Be a Slave (Point (Scholastic Inc.)) To be a slave by Julius Lester; It gives firsthand accounts of those who expirienced such a tragedy in american history. It is definetly a page-turner and adds little tidbits about slavery that most people may not of known.

  • IP_SEC

    Faith on the March-- A. H. Macmillian

  • stillAwitness

    dorayakii: Unfortunately the following are still on the shelf with bookmarks:

    LOL! Hey, you're not the only one my friend! Here's my list:

    -The diary of anne frank (even though I've read it a thousand times)

    -Wild Women Don't Wear No Blues ( a collection of short stories by black women-an apostate story is included! Cool huh?)

    -Everything Women Need to know about Cars.

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