Just read article on watchtower.org that convinced me they have the truth

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  • AlmostAtheist
    Damn I did not know they were so GODLY

    I believe you meant "Godiva-ly" Dave

  • IronClaw

    Thats its I'm going back.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    I think the reason why the WTS publish so many articles that have nothing to do with Theology, mainly in the Awake, is to put a more stronghold on the claim that the WTS gives all the information (food at the proper time) that the R&F need, how often do you read in the WT how young students use the Awake to do their school projects, they never state that they went to other sources eg a library. They want the R&F to be fully dependant on the WTS and NEVER to go to other sources.

  • myself


    now I am confused, first the chocolate, but now kissing is allowed?

  • stillAwitness

    Did you see the related article: Understanding Lactose Intolerance?

    By the way joelbear: What you doin in that pic?

  • LDH
    Did you see the related article: Understanding Lactose Intolerance


    The Bean: Friend or Foe?

  • Gretchen956

    Give me chocolate and no one gets hurt!!!


  • lilybird

    Also clearly shows how reading their literature is "equal" to attending 4 years of college...

  • Undecided

    You probably learn more from the Awake than reading PlayBoy??

    Ken P.

  • luna2
  • Quality Coffee—From the Tree to Your Cup
  • This was the other linked article...They appear to have a problem coming up with original titles for their articles.

    I dunno about that Playboy thing, Ken. Seems to me that a good number of men who admit to buying that mag say they get it for the articles, so they must be very informative and well-written. LOL

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