Just read article on watchtower.org that convinced me they have the truth

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  • greendawn

    Chocolate is great but I wonder if those that produce it and gather it get a fair reward for their efforts. It's certainly better to be in Switzerland and to produce luxury chocs that sell at $75 per kilo.

  • Think

    Hey ! Don't make fun of me !

    I AM PROUD graduate of University of Duck/Awake. This is not my fault I am still in 4grade.

    Blame TMEM ! After repeating over and over 25 thousands times same bible verses over a period of 97 years, what do you expect from me Man ???

    But I GRADUATED ! That what counts !

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    lol...that's the 'great' substance of the mags...NOT

  • yaddayadda

    Are they Reader's Digest Wannabe's?

  • IP_SEC

    Generic reusable ending for like articles

    So the next time you enjoy the <insert adjectives> take a moment to think* about the long journey it has made from the <insert adjectives> growing in the Tropics to the <insert adjectives> before you.

    *optional- <insert line about praising the creator of said object>

  • anewme

    I always thought it was torture to have these articles of interesting places and ideas to explore and things to do and yet underneath there was this discouragement to pursue any course that would take one away from the 5 meetings a week.

    Today I am burning all my Watchtower magazines and placing the Awake on hold to read all the articles of interest and then burn.

    Anewme (of the wasted 30 years in this org and wrecked any chances of a serious musical career, not to mention, life)

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