The GREATEST IRONY of Shunning and Disfellowshiping

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  • anewme

    Yes, to return to the meetings, be ignored by everyone, how could anyone ever think this was "The Truth"?

    Been there done that for the last 6 months exactly.

    Too disgusted to discuss it.

  • James Free
    James Free
    The whole practice of DFing and shunning is far more about making sure those "in" don't find out what life is really like on the "outside".

    Yes, it's more about keeping those 'in' from discovering that the Org. is false too. That's why they got rid of Ray Franz and ban anyone from reading his books, and others like him. But, thanks to the Internet, the truth has come out, and it will 'set you free'...of the false teachings of the GB.

  • rimbaudbunuel

    My first year after being disfellowshiped - I completely viewed there decision as in their minds the best thing for me. The perfect version of tough love - I chose my way they chose theres. It wasn't till everything fell apart in my life and I lost everything at the end of that year and my family who didn't talk to me let me becoming practically homeless and almost lose my life before I started thinking more about this whole thing. I remember looking up in their insight book then disfellowshiping and realized not once did it not mention that it was for the good of the person once - like they told me when they met with me. It described the individual as a disease to keep away from the congregation. So I am a disease - I think different, I dress different, I talk different, and I act different, I am a sinner. Disfellowshiping has ruined my life completely. It had destroyed my relationships with my entire family and all my friends and has deeply scarred me emotionally. Disfellowshiping is inhuman, and although the united states allows freedom of religion - this practice should be considered unlawful - the damage done to the individual is vicious, cruel and absolutely unneccesary. I think for me it's even more ridiculous because I was allowed to get baptised at 12 years old. How can someone allow a 12 year old to make a decision that carries so much weight. Disfellowshiping Should Not Be Allowed To Exist! It is Evil! Jonathan

  • Clam

    A disfellowshipping announcement in my Congo was the final straw for me. I'd grown doubt due to the lacklustre worship, the constipated singing, the veneer of "Christian love". Then seeing a mother break down uncontrollably when it was announced her son had been Df'd... well that was it for me.

    It shouldn't even be legal. In a civilised society we seek out injustice and inhumanity. This is a violation of human rights; rights to associate with and enjoy the love of our family and friends.

    Now I can laugh at most things the JDubs taughts me, or at least shake my head; but some issues such as disfellowshipping and blood make me angry beyond words.

    Thanks for the post Trojan. It's good to see someone on "the inside" looking at things from a whole new rational perspective. I've sometimes wondered in the past what the WTS could offer as an alternative. They're so mercenary, maybe they'd let people buy themselves out with a guarantee of non shunning.

  • deeskis

    Good thinking trojan, i reckon there's a lot in what you said

    but i also agree with:

    It's about mind control, not about keeping the congregations clean.

    And besides, most of those "double-lifers" have guilt issues. We all know how the Organisation likes to keep people feeling guilty.

    I think that with the minefields of information now freely available on the internet the society really has to "turn the screws", or else the whole pack of cards could come tumbling down!

    I look forward to your updates on this issue when you sound a few others out!

    Best wishes


  • slugga

    I've mentioned on this board before how being made to shun a brother who hit his father in law, who was having sex with his daughter, the brothers wife started my downward spiral out of the "truth"

    It made me resentful towards the whole BOE setup and destroyed my faith in them as good shepherds. In my years as a witness I never once met someone who was happy with the shunning process, it demeaned and degraded everyone involved.

  • jgnat

    The extreme shunning, and, the secret tribunals. Neither are supported scripturally.

    So, the leadership is knowingly hanging on to a corrupt practice to maintain control. Knowing this, why would the elder community continue to support it?

    I believe that many of the leadership believe their own propoganda and seriously believe that their miserable organization is BETTER than anything else out there. They are wrong.

  • Gordy

    Good post Trojan.

    Similar along to my own thoughts.

    I am disassociated, mainly because at a time in my life when I needed love and support because of depression, the JW's decided to break up my family. I had to leave the my home because I was considered a "spiritual danger" to the family. This led me into discovering the truth about the WT. WHich led me to decide to DA.

    Because of that my JW wife and two daughters are forbidden to have any contact with me, now getting on for 5 years.

    Now if they had just said "Sorry you want to leave. Hope you will reconsider sometime and come back" and let me still have contact or even still live with my wife and family. I would not now be on a website like this or other similar ones. Also speaking about and warning people on how the WT controls its members etc.

    Not only did this shunning cause me to speak out. But also two ther family members to DA also and another three to reject becoming JW's. So through there shunning of me they lost 5 potential members also. How often has this happened to others also?

    Time and again I see the JW's take a course that does them more damage and the opposite of what they think it is supposed to acheive.

  • jgnat

    My friend and I were discussing the best advice to give to her hairdresser, who knew of a JW teen in trouble. The JW teen was getting in to drugs and was spiralling out of control. The hairdresser asked if perhaps she should notify the elders of the girl's problem? I and my friend both agreed, "NO"! What good would come for the girl, who would be immediately shunned and removed from the slim supports she had left?

    The elders don't heal wounded sheep. They send them for the slaughter.

  • freedomlover

    very good thoughts Trojan.

    when I was leaving I did extensive research on DFing. check out the info. in the INSIGHT book under expelling. interesting to read and compare the scriptures there. The society actually admits in writing there that expelling is necessary for the "continued existence" of the organization. When you look at it from our point of view though, they are driving people away with this practice.

    I was speaking to my JW sister the other day and I told her that the part that was hardest for me was that I haven't done anything wrong yet if I express my views of certain things I could get DFed. I told her right now I"m taking the "I'm depressed" or "I was stumbled at brother so and so" approach, because that is the only ACCEPTABLE reasons that are allowed. the greatest tragedy to me when leaving the org. because you learn all the BS that they shovel, is that you can't even DEFEND your decisions with reasons to people that you love and respect. It's like being raped and then not allowed to testify or press charges against the accused. It's a vicous cycle they have in place. highly damaging to individuals and families.

    keep us up to date on any conversations you have with anyone about this. could be interesting. BE CAREFUL though! this kind of conversation could be used against you later......but you knew that!

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