The GREATEST IRONY of Shunning and Disfellowshiping

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  • Trojan

    I have lately started to think many things over. As I adquire more knowledge, or other kind of knowledge, i see things more and more in another light. It's a strange and thrilling experience I'm going through. At moments also scary. Reading up new stuff on JW beliefs, the Bible itself, yes even about if there is a God at all has been an interesting journey. Anyway, thinking about my work as an elder I came to realize the following thought and I would like to share it with you, as I don't have anybody else. I'm sorry if this has been expressed elsewhere in this forum, but I need to share it with somebody...

    What is the purpose of the shunning and disfellowshiping practices?

    We have been thaught that it is to protect the organization from bad influence and corruption. Well, the irony is that this "wall" that is supposed to cut contact to the outside world (often compared to the law as the jews had, to separte them from the surrounding nations) IS CORRUPTING. Matter of fact, I have been reviewing a few cases I had to deal with in the congregation and it hit me like an hammer. THIS PRACTICES ARE CORROSIVE to the organization. Why?

    Because, suppose the JW didn't have those practices set in place. People that don't want to continue would just leave, walk out, without major consequences. In due time, they wouldn't even bother to convince fellow Witnesses to leave, as the topic of conversations would naturally be different, so friendships that where REAL friendships would continue and the relationship to the rest of the congregation would "cool off". Am I correct?
    So, the "tire kickers" and the "corrupt" ones (as seen from the standpoint of Witnesses, as I don't consider many of them as corrupt, just to use the JW thinking) would leave easier, because they wouldn't fear the shunning of their family.

    What do we have now? Many witnesses become corrupt, practice sins, have other beliefs (thoughts) but HIDE - they LED DOUBLE-LIFES!!! Giving "bad witness" to whoever sees them practicing the things they shouldn't! Why? They are scared to undergo the "treatment" that others have had. So, they stay inside. Another point is that I had to deal with lots of reinstatements that I believe only wanted to come back because of lost family relationships = more people with double lifes and more "tire kickers" on the inside.

    THIS WALL IS PROVOKING the "corruption" (again: as JW see it!) TO STAY INSIDE THE ORGANIZATION!!! Isn't that amazing? The very same system that is supposed to PROTECT is CORRUPTING the organization. It's like closing some metal object and seal it as much as you could to protect from RUST, but leaving the humidity inside, without any chance to get rid of it = OXIDIZING process is WORSER!

    Today I have come to realize that this is the most stupid measure/practice the organization has set in place!!!!!!! Because the measure in itself, defeats the purpose why it is practiced in the first place.

    WOW! Why aren't others seeing this? (Like circuit overseers, district overseers, they deal with cases like I do.....I will start puting this point to the attention of some....very carefully and slowly, but I will see what comments I get back.....)


  • Trojan

    Please share your thoughts with me! Is there a flaw in my thinking?


  • serendipity

    Hi Trojan,

    I agree with your concept. The first thought I had about corruption is that the power that elders are given to df (and reinstate) corrupts some (or many) of the elders who are supposed to be the shepherds and spiritual leaders of the cong.

  • FairMind

    I think you are on the right track. I think that the threat of disfellowshipping is also a club the organization uses to intimidate JWs to the point they will do almost anything to kee it from happening. Obviously you want to discourage immorality in the congregation but the organization uses disfellowshipping as a way to stifle free thought and perhaps that to them is the more important use.

  • purplesofa
    What is the purpose of the shunning and disfellowshiping practices?

    Another reason for disfellowshipping is for discipline. Jehovah disciplines those that he loves is what I was told. Much of the behavior exhibited that are disfellowshipping offenses are from other problem in a persons life. So they are thrown out, cut off from loved ones........when they most likely need the most support. So out in the world many of these people will get help for the underlying problem and why would they need to return to a place that they no longer felt welcome?

    Ones that willfully practice a sin.......are the ones that can say........Yes I am doing this or that and will continue to do it......Could I ever see cut off from the congregations.

    Any person that goes before a judicial committee and confesses their sin ....seeks help and forgiveness I have never understood how they could be thrown out. I hear these horror stories over and over.

    People that lead double lives, at some point they will have to make a decision. Probably best that the decision is left to the individual, but somewhere in the bible it says to keep the congregation clean.

    As far as disfellowshipping/shunning to keep the congregation clean......We are all sinners, no congregation will ever be "clean"

    Most DF disfellowshippings are for immorality. It is an easy sin to identify. We all know there is so more sin going on with brothers and sisters and much more serious than getting a little nookie.

    It is like everyone is a lawyer looking for that loophole to get out of "trouble" But the Society teaches us how to do that as they seem to have an answer for everything.

    The truth has been twisted. It was designed to inform us and heal us........comfort us, but the fear of exposing a sin and the repercussions of it are too terrifying.

    It is really ashame as that is not (in my opinion) what the love and sacrifice that Jesus did for us was intended for.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    You are right on. Like any abuser who seeks total control over their victims the WTS strategy is killing off the very victims it seeks to control.

    Freedom to leave would never be an issue. If someone wanted out they would leave. That's what healthy people/groups do.

    The whole practice of DFing and shunning is far more about making sure those "in" don't find out what life is really like on the "outside". The WTS has boxed themselves into a corner. They have lied so much about everything that they have to have a way to scare people into staying away from those who have left in case information is given to them to expose the lies.

    I hate liars. I come from a family if compulsive liars. Believe me it is a toxic way to live because you always have to control things to make sure no one finds out about the lies.

  • IP_SEC

    You are exactly right trojan. This board is a good example. There are many here who would quietly walk away if they felt they could. Instead they feel forced to stay, turning in fake time, and going to the meetings because of "have to". They come to this board and aggregate into a growing number of hidden dissentors. Their dissent is expressed here and other places which eventually creates more dissentors.

    I first came to this board by accident. But boy was my perception changed on apostates and the reasons why people leave. It caused me to DA noisly, rather than fade. The society lost an elder in an already "elder challenged" congo. I know it has caused others to wonder: "What could be so bad to cause society poster boy Matt to leave"

  • Alwayshere
    The very same system that is supposed to PROTECT is CORRUPTING the organization

    That organization was corrupt from the beginning!

  • ballistic

    Trojan, you are right on. But the control machanisms are all powerful and play with peoples lives and emotions. People are brought up from children in this mindset. There is no quick-fix. Family ties run deep. It is an irony. But you cannot tear the organisation down in one go.

  • MerryMagdalene

    really good point, Trojan. I hadn't considered it from that angle before. Thanks for sharing your insight!


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