The GREATEST IRONY of Shunning and Disfellowshiping

by Trojan 48 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • garybuss

    With all Witness discipline, it's ALWAYS the Witness people who get disciplined. They shun me, but it's THEM who can't talk to me. I can talk to them and anybody else on the planet I want to. :-)

  • Cellist

    I believe you're right, Trojan. That's the effect that the shunning policy has on the congregations. I don't think the "Society" cares though. I believe what others have said here. It's about mind control, not about keeping the congregations clean.

    And besides, most of those "double-lifers" have guilt issues. We all know how the Organisation likes to keep people feeling guilty.


  • AlmostAtheist

    "In order to serve God acceptably and please him, you must act in an inhumane manner toward the following people: [insert list]"

    Anytime you require inhumanity of humans, you dehumanize them. The results are the non-humans you see walking around in suits selling magazines on saturday mornings. Yes, you're right on target.


  • TMS


    Of course, the fear of disfellowshipping, loss of privileges, counsel, etc. is the thread strung through every decision a witness makes. Love of God and neighbor is not even a close second.

    It's almost laughable to say that a JW is guided by Bible principles, exercize of conscience or love when it is almost never that.

    The pharisaical hierarchy of Jehovah's Witnesses creates an environment that makes living a double life a survival necessity.

    "True neighbor love" is always displayed by more activity in the publishing work, not acts of kindness.

    Talk about a skewed value system!

  • gumby

    Just wannna say a quick hello to TMS. Nice to hear from you!


  • lisaBObeesa
    WOW! Why aren't others seeing this? (Like circuit overseers....

    I think some others do see this. But they are just forbidden to TALK about it when they notice something in the org that they think should change or to try to change anything. So they say and do nothing but spout the company line and treat people like they are dead... (Even when they themselves don't agree with it.)

  • Honesty
    People that don't want to continue would just leave, walk out, without major consequences. In due time, they wouldn't even bother to convince fellow Witnesses to leave, as the topic of conversations would naturally be different, so friendships that where REAL friendships would continue and the relationship to the rest of the congregation would "cool off". Am I correct?

    You hit the Bull's Eye, Trojan.

    I left because of the UN/NGO, Blood policies that were conflicting and the fact that when I mentioned Jesus the BOE went nutzo on me. If I had been allowed to fade quietly (I tried for a couple of years until I the elders launched a frontal attack) I wouldn't be so vocal in exposing the WT LIE to active dubs. Because of the restrictive policies of the WTBT$, I am forced, out of conscience to expose their lies to JW's who are victims of deceit.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    You are 100% right Trojan. But they would lose too many members if they allowed them to exercise their God-Given Free Will and ability to think. I suppose it's control. The Organisation KIDNAPS family members and the ransom is to conform and become a magazine peddlar.

    Love your posts Trojan.

  • DavidChristopher

    I could never understand who appointed elders to be judges over other sinners. Didn't Jesus tell us to not judge anyone? Or we would be judged! Or are elders perfect and have no sins to worry about being judged for?

    I would like to know how they twisted words around enough to give themselves this power and authority over fellow sinners. Can someone explain that to me?

    Or was Jesus only fooling around when He asked us to not judge or punish others?

    I am really confused...

  • Calliope

    i was just talking with someone about this.

    it's purely psychological blackmail, it's emotional entrapment. the threat of df-ing and shunning keeps people INSIDE. it's like telling an abused victim, that if s/he ever told, there would be serious consequences, and so they never tell, they never leave, they suffer in silence.

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