Do You Think Witnesses Deal With Death Properly?

by minimus 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • calico
    "if only she had been baptized you would know she would have a resurrection".

    Where are these people, so I can smack them upside their stupid heads?

  • Tigerman

    I don't know, 'cause I've never been a Witness, however, everything that I've read here tells me they don't. Gee . . what a surprise !

  • IP_SEC
    and it was a 25 minute "infomercial" for the Watchtower.....

    Thus why I would never go to another dubya funeral, I dont care who it is.

    I've already said my goodbyes anyhow.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    When my JW mother died we didn't want "The Talk" We had her burried through the Catholic Church. Mom had been a Jw for 35 years. But the part that I thought was so disrespectful is only ONE JW even came to her wake at the funeral home. Why didn't more of her FRIENDS come?

  • minimus

    To me, going to a funeral is out of respect. But going to a JW funeral might be another thing.....

  • Gregor

    I have attended a lot of JW funerals, a few non-denominational and two or three non-witness religious services.

    It was always a disappointment to attend a JW funeral for a close friend or relative. The WTSociety had once prepared a funeral talk outline that everyone seemed to use for years and years. It was like, 5 min.:"blah, blah blah blah, (insert full name and birthdate here) and blah, blah blah (insert spouse and family names here) . And then the transition line "Mary/John, had faith in the coming resurrection of those who were faithful to Jehovah..." and away it went. Any further mention of the individual was dropped for the balance of the talk on WT doctrine. This was the treatment given my 92 year old Grandfather. He had been a witness for 60 years. Present at the service were his children, grandchildren, great and great, great. He had lived an interesting life and was known for his wonderful, whimsical sense of humor. His full name was mispronounced and nothing of a personal nature was ever mentioned. It was right out of the can. It was cold.

  • minimus

    Cold is right! It might even be considered a "privilege" to have an elder give that memorial talk but it's an insult when they can't even pronounce the name correctly!

  • codeblue


    Grieving the proper way is not ackowledged by JW's because the dead person is considered sleeping and guess what? You will see them again, so don't cry, stay busy in serving God so you will see them in the new system. I was a very young teen when my JW mom died and I still cry today, 30 years later when I see movies with Mom's and daughters.

    The pain of losing someone is never really recognized.

    In fact, when my Dad died, an elder's wife asked if he was a JW, when I said no, SHE WALKED AWAY FROM ME!!! I had NO support when my dad died because he wasn't a JW.

  • diamondblue1974

    How can they possibly grieve properly when they cannot accept that the person has gone forever? I had experience of this when my mother lost her brother over Christmas gone, her grief seemed to last a few days and then faded quickly when she had finished reading her watchtower publications and her bible. Its almost as though she has shielded her grief behind her faith and this in my view is unhealthy.

    There is a counter argument that it is not for us to interfere in what people take comfort in when losing a loved one and I agree in part but surely people should be encouraged to grieve naturally, surely it is more healthy that way.


  • minimus

    Especially in the 70's was that the case. In a few months or short years, you'd see them again. Bullshitters!

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