Do You Think Witnesses Deal With Death Properly?

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  • minimus

    I don't. JWs aren't supposed to breakdown in their emotions for it could be a sign that you put too much emphasis on the temporary. Just focus on the ressurection, for heaven' sake! Don't mourn like the world that does not have hope! And forget about givinga eulogy. That's very "worldly"! Barely mention the deceased and go straight to the Watchtower Society outline.......

  • JH

    I knew a brother who committed suicide, and they never even mentionned that he died at the hall. I found out about this months later.

  • kid-A

    JW funerals are not only inappropriate, they are offensive. I remember going to a JW funeral for a guy that had committed suicide with a drug overdose.

    I knew him personally. He was a troubled, but gifted and highly intelligent individual. He had published poetry and childrens books and was an accomplished writer. His JW parents took control of the funeral arrangements. The eulogy was given by an elder who had probably met the guy twice in his life and knew nothing about him as a person. He actually made factual errors about the deceased during the eulogy and it was a 25 minute "infomercial" for the Watchtower.....I kid you not, at the end of his "praise jehovah and the watchtower polemic" he announced: and if there are any persons present today who would like to learn more about the wonderful promise of the resurrection hope, please feel free to talk to a jehovahs witness here after the funeral to arrange a free home bible study.

    I was physically sick after sitting through this. They cant even separate death from their profit margins....

  • minimus

    JWs will make sure that you know they are not giving a eulogy which is "creature worship" to them.

  • ferret

    They do not. I posted this before but I think it is worth mentioning again. Like some one here said they say very little about the deceased, then go on to witness. I was DF.d when my JW father died after saying a few b.s. words about him the C.O. speaking, spent the whole time directing his talk at me, you know the prodigal son and all that it was a terrible experience. It caused more bad feelings to non members than ever to give a witness. He was evil.

  • Scully


    They are so brainwashed with the Resurrection Hope™ that any constructive grief work is (like so many other things in the average JW's life - like education, retirement, financial planning, career building) is stuck on the back burner.

    Death and the Resurrection Hope™ reinforces to the average JW that they need to keep on the hamster wheel of Meeting Attendance™, Field Service™ and Reaching Out™ for Privileges™, in order for them to ever have an opportunity to reunite with their friends and loved ones who have passed away.

    Whenever they start to feel a sense of loss, the WTS and Elders™ are quick to swoop in with reminders that JWs "do not grieve as others do who have no hope" to give them a little prodding to stop slowing down the hamster wheel.

  • one bad apple
    one bad apple

    why is it when a witness person is alive they always have the threat over them that they won't be in the new world. But if they die your not going to tell their loved ones that they may not be in the new world. It makes it very awkward to deal with death.

  • IronClaw

    Back in 1985 when I was DF'd ( then went and got reinstated, what was I thinking ) my best friend at the time was also going through rough times, got involed with drugs,etc. Even though I was DF'd, he would always talk to me. We still had a good friendship. He had told me on a monday night after work that he was going to be DF'd that coming Thursday. He never made it. He was hit by a drunk driver on Wesnesday. Somehow word got out by the elders. There was NO kingdom hall talk, and NO witnesses showed up at the funeral home. When I showed up, his mother ( at the time a strong witness ) broke down into tears and hugged me like she would of her dead son coming back to life. This was one of the worst things I have ever had to experience. Says alot about the Borgs CONDITIONAL love.

  • Leolaia

    And how many Witnesses realize that the Watchtower "Resurrection Hope™" is not a return from the dead at all? That the hope is for some copy of you to be recreated in the future that will carry on your life in your name.....

  • Honesty

    JW's can't deal with death properly because they have been robbed of their humanity by the organisation they worship.

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