The persons that had brought you into the WTS

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  • jwfacts

    I feel sorry for them. I would love to explain what I now know, but sure they would not speak to me. I am sure they are devastated they i am d/f, and must how come up with their own theories to explain what must have happened to me.

  • KW13

    Well the parent (namely mum) that got me in is the person i want to get out. I am trying to get her to see there is life on earth and its not as they make it seem everyone on drugs and drinkin and partying.

  • FairMind

    The pioneer brother who brought me into the “truth” was and still is a fine person. He was a lifetime JW and is a very intellectual man who faded into activity around 1976. His reason was that the Society had misled people about 1975 and then refused to accept responsibility for having done so.

    I lost touch with him for many years but found mention of him by a poster on this forum. I pm’d the poster (who is his niece), verified the uncle she referred to was him and obtained his email address (she got his permission first). Today he has come to the conclusion that the Bible does not separate Christians into two groups and that all Christians have the heavenly hope. I have tremendous respect for this man.

  • gumby
    how did you feel about the specific JWs that persuaded you to come into the org which subsequently caused you so much heartache? Did you confront them on the issue?

    I was baptized a dub in my moms water bag before it broke and I was I can't blame my mom. My moms mom knew Rutherford and my family is now 5 generations deep in dubdom.

    Even if this was not the case, I'd NEVER blame a witness for bringing me into the religion as if this person did so as an evil plot against me. Anyone who brings another into this faith usually does so out of sincerity that they are doing gods work and they feel they are doing people a kind service by offering eternal life. Why get mad at them?


  • Narkissos

    Very nice, simple, loving and sincere people. Nothing but tender memories of them.

    They had left a reasonably comfortable life to move where "the need was greater". He left his job as a printer and took a hard work of woodcutter in a big property near the town where we lived; his wife worked as a maid in the boss' house. They had a little daughter. In a couple of years they started a new congregation, mostly with their Bible studies. A very warm and friendly congregation as I never found elsewhere.

    My father and stepmother had a very big house. In time they invited this Witness family and a few others to live there, working part-time on the property and pioneering. For about 3 years we had this unusual community at home (about 12 people) which became widely known among JWs in the area as the "little Bethel". But it turned sour -- especially due to the tyranny of my stepmother -- and the "little Bethel" was eventually disbanded. Soon afterwards I left home (the exact day when I turned 18) and started pioneering in their congregation (my father and stepmother had started attending another in the meantime), but a few months later I was sent in another congregation as a special pioneer. We kept in touch in the next few years. They visited me in Bethel a few months before I left, I tried to share some of my changing perspective with them but they didn't get it. I wrote to them after I was df'd and did not receive any answer. That was 20 years ago.

    Still, very nice people. Thanks for the opportunity to remember them.

  • gumby

    Narkster.......neat story my friend!.....and well put


  • acadian

    Morning all,

    Gumby said:

    Anyone who brings another into this faith usually does so out of sincerity that they are doing gods work and they feel they are doing people a kind service by offering eternal life. Why get mad at them?

    I would agree, the person who i studied with was of the "anointed class" (yeah right) and he was sincere, he became my best friend,our families
    went camping together, and did all sorts of things together.

    He eventually became an elder, any way he's one of the reasons i left the Org. and he was one of the elders who came to our house one fateful nite. What pissed me off the most about this supposed Bro. was that i wanted to show them scriptures and articles from the Mags. but he refused to look at them, i had brought out some points about being a prophet, and how the Mags even said they were prophets, he denigned the Mags even said that ,well i had the Mag in hand and he still denigned it, unbelievable.

    Then the supposed Bro. ask if i thought that i've progress beyond them, i didn't say anything, then he said "so what, you think were still in kindergarden,and you've progressed beyond us",I didn't say anything except , "those are your words." ( he was right though.)

    All i know if he had the power to administer the death penalty, he would have. He had a look that could have killed.

    I went from being a best friend, too his worst enemy. and all i was doing was deep research in the bible, but we can't have that now, can we?

    Take your BLINDERS OFF!

    Happy Valley cong. Calif. Ca. USA D. McGee, sorry Dan yer not "Anointed", yer disappointed. D. McGee of the McGee and Brigham families for those of you who know them.


  • Narkissos

    Thx Gumby.

    Reading Acadian's post made me grateful, looking back, that I wasn't df'd in my original congregation. That would have been much more heartbreaking.

  • Dimples

    The ones who brought me to the WTS, both her and her husband are now deceased. I never blamed them, they just thought they were doing the right thing. Just like we all did at one time. I was sad when they both passed away, as I left the WTS before they died. They were good people, just misled.


  • deeskis

    Dr was all my parents fault,.....and theirs before them.............!

    doesn't matter who or how, only what you do now!

    best wishes


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