The persons that had brought you into the WTS

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  • greendawn

    After the WTS became a troublesome entity for you, how did you feel about the specific JWs that persuaded you to come into the org which subsequently caused you so much heartache? Did you confront them on the issue?

  • stillajwexelder

    no different - he is still a good friend. I do not balme others. I personally made the decision to become a JW - nobody forced me

  • Think

    He left his wife, have sex with another sister, they have a baby.

    He started his own church.

  • JH

    The person who brought me into the Org. is a real yes man. He is an elder today, and won't stoop down to my level. So he never comes here, and never phones, although I did the first move many times.

    We were friends even before both of us were JW's. The truth flushed our friendship.

  • Honesty

    Freinds before we both joined the cult. 30 years of friendship gone in a few days. Told him about the WTBT$/UN affiliation and the websites where to find the info. He sat on it for 3 days and then went to his elders who told him some New Light was on the way so he could wait on Jerhova.

    I DA'd He stayed.

  • tweety

    The sister who brought me into the WTS left her husband for another man, got DF'd, had a baby and moved to California. She was reinstated the last that I heard. Who knows where she is now....probably on this forum for all I know. lol

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    ...................are just as "stuckup" as the rest of the rank and file.

  • nicolaou

    Being raised in the 'Truth' I come at this from the other end. 14 years ago I brought a young married couple into the organisation. They had 2 small boys then, now they have 4 children and are both pioneering. He is also an MS.

    Because I felt so responsible for this young family they are the only ones I have maintained contact with. They have tried to 'help' me come back to the Truth but in the end - last week in fact - I knew I had to come clean and tell them why I left, so I did.

    I'm not sure if our friendship will survive this but I feel I owe it to them to try and get them out of the mess that I originally helped to put them in.

  • Tez

    Was a very, sincere, zealous man, who sadly died some time ago. I think he understood and saw some of the failings of the organisation, had he lived maybe he would have eventually left. He was like my spiritual father and was there for me when I desperately needed support. Sadly like so many others he was misguided, but then who of us on here haven't been? No point laying blame on anyone, at one point I would have loved it if I had found someone to study with and bring to the point of baptism... that was our whole aim of going on the ministry wasn't it?

  • DigitalFokus

    I want to say that they were AHoles, but they were really kind poeple. It was a couple in there mid 40's with a Hot daughter my age and a son a few years older. I am sure they are thumpin away with their lives as dubs. I blame drugs. ;) and myself

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