The persons that had brought you into the WTS

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  • lonelysheep

    I did it to myself . I'm no longer angry at myself because I recognize the emotional state of mind I was in when I began studying.

  • lisavegas420

    The persons that brought me in would be my parents. As a teenager, I was not qualified to make such a serious decision as baptism. I did not understand the meaning of baptism nor seriousness of it. I also didn't understand what it meant to be a qualified ordained minister.

    The questions were asked by my dad an elder. My dad would have me read the paragraph, he'd ask the question. If I knew the answer I would comment. I did not know the answers to the majority of the questions. If I didn't know the answer, he would tell me the answer and I would repeat it back.

    Now I'm being shunned. I guess because I stopped repeating back the right answers.


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